James Hinchcliffe Already Married? Or Has A Girlfriend Who Can Be A Wife Someday?

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James Hinchcliffe Already Married? Or Has A Girlfriend Who Can Be A Wife Someday?

When one opts to be a sports person, they opt being injured as well. Along with the fame that the sports industry serves you, there are chances of ending the career on a bitter note too.

Today, we are talking about the fast and the furious man, James Hinchcliffe, who has solemnly been a part of race-car driving for many years now. Despite having gone through multiple injuries, stopping isn't an option for him till date.

For a guy so committed on the track, is he equally committed to his life away from it? Has he thought of sparing some love out of those racing cars and vest it in a person? We will be giving you an insight regarding all the queries that may have hit your mind.

Has A Girlfriend To Support Him During His Hardship And Affliction?

A Canadian Indy car driver James Hinchcliffe is the man who brings the fictionality of the movie Fast and Furious into life to some extent. James, 30, has been a master at what he does since the beginning of his career, but accidents are meant to happen irrespectively.

James, unfortunately, got into an accident back in 2015 that looked severe. A fine day turned horrid for James, while he was on the racing track practicing for the 2015 Indianapolis 500.

Suspension failure in the vehicle caused him to crash into the barrier wall, resulting in a serious injury that kept him out of the race. Ryan Briscoe then replaced him for the post.

Caption: Details on James Hinchcliffe misfortunate injury (Published on May 18, 2015).

Though the injury was severe, James recovered from it and later participated in the 2017 Indy 500. Even at that instant, his car was involved in the 5-car crash, but medical team declared him to be clear.

Here's the video that covered the accident,

To balance the stress of the professional life, one most have a life surrounded by loving people, and James seems to be blessed perfectly in that regards. He is currently dating a Canadian actress Rebecca Becky Dalton.

Despite not revealing how the couple crossed paths, James does prefer expressing his love for 'Becky' publically. Talking to Fox News, he said,

"Our ability to laugh together is what attracted us right from the get-go, And we're both very driven.

James keeps sharing their pictures on Instagram, showcasing his love for Becky,


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Becky is equally expressive and supportive; she posted a picture of them requesting to vote James as he was a participant in the show, Dance with the Stars.


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The couple has reportedly bought a house together recently but has not revealed their thought about getting married. However, the love they share with each other gives us a hint that, James might not wait too long to make Becky, his wife.

James Hinchcliffe's Short Bio:

Born on  December 5, 1986, James Hinchcliffe officially started his open-wheel career in karting in 2003. It was the same year when he began car racing. If we start listing the title he has won, we might run out of time, but the list won't stop.

Caption: James Hinchcliffe stats in Indycar series from the year 2011 till 2017.

Photo credit: Indycar.com

Apart from racing, James also hosts his podcast, "The Mayor on Air with James Hinchcliffe," where he interviews the drivers and other people involved with the Indycar.

Moreover, he showcased his dancing skills to the viewers on the show "Dancing with the Stars" back in 2016, where he ended up on the second place with partner Sharna Burgess.

The car racer's family comprises of Father Jeremy Hinchcliffe and Mother Arlene Hinchcliffe.James believes that he evidently got the competitive nature from his mom.

He grew up with two siblings; namely Rebecca Hinchcliffe, Christopher Hinchcliffe. He is the only one from his family, who is into car racing.

However, having mastered in his profession that led him to a spell bounding career, he earns a salary of $11352000 annually from Indy Car Race Company and has an estimated net worth of $28.38 million.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on James Hinchcliffe!