Jamie Borthwick Seems To Be Lagging A Girlfriend in Real Life; Is that True?

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Jamie Borthwick Seems To Be Lagging A Girlfriend in Real Life; Is that True?

Jamie Borthwick's character Jay Brown is a fan favorite on "Eastenders," as the fans thoroughly love his acting to the limit. But what the fans also know is how hapless he is on the show where he has been struggling to find the right balance in his love life. But is this the same with his off screen life? Is he living a life without a girlfriend behind the life of the cameras? 

He has often been linked with the rumors surrounding his sexuality as people often call him a gay, but is that true?

Today we will dig out the facts about Jamie's sought for love life, and try to find out as much as we can!

What Does The Dating Life of Jamie Borthwick Looks Like? Does He lack A Girlfriend? 

If you watch Eastenders, you might know how imbalanced his love life is. His former girlfriend, Lola Pearce(played by Danielle Harold) first left him on the show. Since then his love life on the show has been a bit here and there.

After Lola left him, his character, Jay, then found someone new to set his eyes on in the form of Linzi, a role played by CBBC star Amy-Leigh Hickman. 

Caption: Jamie's character Jay crosses paths with Linzi on Eastenders.

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But as soon as their romance was brewing and they could head to the next level, Jay was dealt with a sickening blow when he came to know that Linzi was underage and was a school pupil.

Speaking about the same in 2016, an Eastender insider said,

 “Jay’s world comes to a juddering halt when he discovers the truth about Linzi’s age. He immediately realises the seriousness of his mistake and is set to face severe consequences.”

It later got revealed that Linzy was only 16; that brought the world of Jay crashing down.

So is the kind of struggle Jamie is facing in his love life in real? Does he have a girlfriend beyond the reel life? Or he is lagging one?

Well, so far, the mystery is yet to be unlocked, as the man remains very secretive about his relationships and has not disclosed any information about his dating life. So does this mean he is not dating anyone and has no girlfriend? We could say so!

But it could be the case of him not willing to come forth and present a girlfriend in front of the public, despite having the presence of lady love in his life.

We are looking for every possible detail about his love life, and as soon as we find any clues or pieces of information, we will make sure that you get updated with it.

However, he is often verbal about his will to marry his co-star on the show, Emma Borton, as he has had a crush on her for a long time.

"I was about 14 when I first set eyes on Emma Barton, I fell in love with her long, shapely legs and I wanted to marry her.”

He also added how Perry Fenwick was the one to have suggested him to chat with Emma,

"Perry told me to chat her up, and I remember walking over to her and saying, 'Alright darlin'…, wow, you smell nice.' It brought the house down and we still laugh about it now,” 

Even though he lusted on her legs, which almost everyone does, he said that he likes working with her.

"I love working with Emma. I won't say what it is, but we have something in common that's very rare and very special that brings us together. I still try and chat her up and say that one day, we'll get married, but she's having none of it!"

Caption: Emma Borton, the beauty who managed to make Jamie have a crush on her.

Wonder what Emma has to say on this!

Is Jamie Borthwick A Gay Man?

Jamie Borthwick's silence on his dating affairs and his love life is the reason why several rumors about his sexuality and him being a gay have steamed.

His off screen connections with his co-star, Harry Reid also serves as one of the reasons the fire of the speculations lit up.

The two were once spotted hanging out together near the sets of Eastenders, and that is what made people wonder if Jamie indeed belongs on the gay side.

Caption: Jamie Borthwick and Harry Reid hanging out together in North London, June 2017.

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But come on guys, can't two male friends hang out with one another?

The man himself has never really opened up being gay, which is why the rumors remain baseless until he does so.

Regardless of the rumors, this man is a spectacular actor and an equally successful family man. The love he has for his siblings, his sisters is amazing.


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His photo with his sister and his nephew will melt your heart.


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The man, who has attained a great height in his career, has, however, opted to keep the identity of his parents in the shadows.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Jamie Borthwick!