Japanese-born American Actress Tamlyn Tomita's Undisclosed Dating and Married History!

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Japanese-born American Actress Tamlyn Tomita's Undisclosed Dating and Married History!

Japanese-born American actress and singer Tamlyn Tomita is a very secretive person when it comes to her personal life. Being a public figure, she has set a boundary for her inside out story. After investing three decades in the entertainment story, she's still successful in keeping her personal life private. Never mind, we will give closure to that very topic, on our account today.

Tomita’s Secret Dating and Boyfriend History:

On 1986, with the bang on performance on the screen debut ‘The Karate Kid II,' Tamlyn Tomita established herself in the industry. With her charm and sweetness in her acting, she won the hearts of all her viewers. With that flair of hers, she also won the heart of an American actor Greg Watanabe who's also known for keeping his personal life low-key. They have never opened about their life publically.

There are no stories of their togetherness, but they have worked in a movie ‘Only The Brave’ which got released on 2006. With Tomita’s then-ongoing chemistry with her one year younger boyfriend Watanabe, the actors officially came out with their separated story on 2006. Yes, in the same year, probably after the release of their movie together ‘Only The Brave.'

Caption: dated from past separated on 2006.

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This 50-years-old Tomita hasn’t revealed about the present status of her personal life. And so is the update of her ex-boyfriend, Greg Watanabe who is possibly single. According to various sources, Tomita is not married that means she doesn't have a husband.

What we can sense is, they must have had a great love-life, which made them not to have another love-story in their life. Have they committed to marriage and children? Because, with the significant commitment even greater emotional attachment will be there, which got to be the reason for the single life that they are living.

Being in the entertainment industry, she has utilized her fame a lot in maintaining balance in the stories of about Asian American. She is an activist in political and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities(AAPI).

Caption: Beautiful actress Tomita, talks about empowering Asian American (2008). 

We will always be looking for the story of the blissful life of our ‘Kumiko’ from “The Karate Kid II.' Hope she will find her ‘significant-one’ in her 60s with whom she can spend rest of her life. Hope she will disclose that topic soon.

Tamlyn Tomita Dejected With Script Of Ni'Hau:

Tomita seems personally offended by the script of Ni'ihau, a movie starring Zach Mcgowan which speaks the story of Kanahele a historical figure in Hawaii and his wife as they rescue Japanese Navy pilot Shigenori Nishikaichi who crash-landed on the Hawaiian island of Ni’ihau after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Tomita went on to explain her opinion on the movie in what can be described in a manner that can only be described as 'crude and blunt ", calling it with all sorts of profanity as well as insulting the writers and directors.

Tamlyn started off the email calling the script of Ni'ihau 'a piece of sh*t' and adding, 'and I am not mincing words.'

Tomita insulted the writer and director claiming that they had done no research on Native Hawaiian and Japanese-Americans and explained their aloofness regarding Hawaii as a whole as well as was dejected by the writer's choice to name 2 minor characters after 2 of the most cherished entertainers from Hawaii. Namely, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole and ke’ali’i reichel. She even accused the directors/writer of 'White-washing' the characters and further added,

This continued practice of ‘white-washing’ characters and fictionalizing history is not only total bullsh*t, but further perpetuates the idea that only white people can play the heroes,

She was very vocal about how she felt about the movie stating,

 a fictionalized account of a true incident and he has the audacity of tagging the film with the statement that it’s often cited as the reason for bringing about thejapanese-american internment camps – if he had dug a little deeper, the truth is, america’s concentration camps came about because of “wartime hysteria, racial prejudice, and a failure of political leadership” – how dare he be a proponent of michelle malkin’s sub-par research to lend his film a fart of credibility – what? he read the daily kos article and says, hey! what an idea for a movie!

She ended the letter relating to how the writers were completely oblivious to the history and culture of the Japanese-American Society of Hawaii and how the writers lacked the imagination to recreate the epic in their movie saying,

as to why yoshio harada and irene harada did what they did – this writer/director has no imagination as to the inner conflicts of dual heritages, identities, and allegiances and what the stakes are in making such a choice – “we’re gonna be at war, so let’s side with the people whom we look like!”
so, yeah, sorry, there is no way i am going in for this…
my apologies for venting, but it all just came tumbling out….


It is obvious that Tomita holds her heritage quite dearly and she's proud of being a Japanese-American citizen.

Tomita’s Net Worth:

Tomita got her first break for a role as Kumiko in ‘The Karate Kid II.' while traveling in Hawaii. That role led her to various other lead roles in the movies ‘Come See The Paradise' (1990), ‘Babylon 5: The Gathering’ (1993), ‘The Joy Luck Club' (1993), ‘Touch’ (1997), and much more. Her singing career began with her Japanese debut on Polydor record label. Later, she released her single and an album on 2014.

In 2001, she was awarded in the Asian American International Film Festival Award. With her work in small and big screens as well as her singing career, she has accumulated her net worth of $3 million.