Jasmine Villegas Happy by The Year With Boyfriend And Baby! 2017 Is No Exception

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Jasmine Villegas Happy by The Year With Boyfriend And Baby! 2017 Is No Exception

It will indeed be a new year and a new beginning for the Jasmine Villegas, as she ends 2017 with a bang, giving birth to her first child with her boyfriend!

Being a mother is the utmost blessing, but being a mother at the age of 22 surely appeals for more than just the word "Congratulation."

For those who are keen to know about the "Baby Baby Baby" video's model Jasmine and her baby Ameera, we've presented all the event in a single article down below!

A look at Jasmine’s Pre and Post Pregnancy

Jasmine Villegas, who is popularly known as Jasmine V, is an R&B singer who rose to fame at the tender age of sixteen. Jasmine has always been very reticent about her personal life but stunned everyone by making a shocking announcement about her pregnancy

Society makes huge speculation about young and unmarried pregnant girls; the 20-year-old singer confessed that she wanted to be an inspiration to all the young women out there, who are being judged for early pregnancy.

When asked about her pregnancy, she said:

“It came as a total shock.You take the test, and you're not sure, and then you take another one. It was a very crazy moment for me; I never thought I would have a baby at 22, but I'm definitely excited. I'm super excited to meet my baby and to be a mom.”

At first, Jasmine neither revealed the name of the father nor the gender of the baby. But later she cleared that out. When asked about her boyfriend and his thoughts on pregnancy, Jasmine shared:

“everything is going well, and he's very supportive."

Jasmine gave birth to the baby girl Ameera Regin later on February 19. Her boyfriend Ronnie, who is a vine sensation, even had an adorable pre-delivery video to share on his Instagram.


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It is without a doubt that Ameera is the cutest thing put on the face of planet earth. And we have the proof!


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Jasmine is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Ronnie Banks, who is an 18-year-old vine star and is three years younger than Jasmine. She also happens to be Justin Beiber rumored ex-girlfriend. Yes, you heard it!

Rumors of Justin Bieber and Jasmine started floating around on the internet after the video release of the song 'Baby.' Justin Bieber has always been linked with gorgeous ladies, and Jasmine was no exception. But her link with Justin surely made her hate by female "Beliebers," as they both look every bit adorable in the video.

Ronnie even uploaded a video on his Youtube channel, captioning "Reacting to Jasmin's ex Justin," that managed to gain a whopping 700k view on Youtube.

Caption: Ronnie reacts to Jasmine's ex Justin Bieber.(Published  Nov 12, 2017)

Now that's one cool way of reacting to your partner's ex, don't you think so?

Jasmine Villegas's Wiki:

Born on 7th December 1993, Jasmine is a Filipino, Irish, English and Mexican descent. As her close siblings, she has two brothers and one step-brother.

Jasmine was signed by Sony music at the age of 16. She started her career in 2013 and only a year after that released her debut "That's me right there." Jasmine V got her big breakthrough in her career after being featured in one of the most viewed videos on Youtube, "Baby".

Jasmine has also collaborated with singers like Nick Jonas and has also been a part of Kanya's "Jesus Walks" music video. Being in the limelight from very early age, her net worth was estimated to be 2 million by 2015.