Jasmine Villeges Happy To Be Dating Her Vine Star Boyfriend With Their New-Born Baby!

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When talking about music one is mostly acknowledged via voice and the lyrics of the music. But the case right now is very different as the singer here is not recognized by her voice but through her beauty and enchanting face.
Jasmine Villeges Happy To Be Dating Her Vine Star Boyfriend With Their New-Born Baby!

When talking about music one is mostly acknowledged via voice and the lyrics of the music. But the case right now is very different as the singer here is not recognized by her voice but through her beauty and enchanting face.

We are talking about Jasmine Villegas the famous R&B singer and pop star who has won the heart of plenty of single men through her sexy looks and ravishing and has also compelled the hitched people to turn their head around.

But, has she been able to retain her charm after dating her Vine Star Boyfriend and being a mother of a kid. So, today we shall learn about the dating series of the lady along with her newborn baby.

Vine Star Boyfriend: 

Jasmine Villegas is dating Ronnie Banks since the year 2014. The duo is said to have met in the month of July 2014 while the lady was engrossed in filming the video for her song “That’s Me Right Here.” Since then they started dating each other and were seen frequently working together in plenty of music videos and song.

Caption: Jasmine and Ronnie Banks at their baby shower on 2016.


Well, the relationship was moving smoothly, and the couple was having a good time together, but out of nowhere, the couple shocked their fans and followers by their split announcement. The news about their separation in the year 2015 just after the Reflection tour on 28th February 2015 was a shock to many of their fans.

Although the duo did not reveal about their patch up events and period, the lady broke the news of her being pregnant on 2nd November 2015 with her six months pregnancy news. As posted by on 4th November 2015, she said:

“It came as a total shock. You take the test, and you're not sure, and then you take another one. It was a very crazy moment for me,I never thought I would have a baby at 22, but I'm definitely excited. I'm super excited to meet my baby and to be a mom.”

On 19th February  2016, the lady gave birth to a sweet little girl named Ameera in Burbank, California weighing weighs 7 pounds 12 ounces and is 20.5 inches long.


Welcome to the world my little angel.

A video posted by RONNIE BANKS (@realronniebanks) on

Caption: Ronnie Banks has posted the picture of his little girl to his Instagram account on 19th February 2016

The father of the child was present with his girlfriend before and after the delivery period. The man revealed his anxiety when his baby was motionless for few minutes and blurted about the scenario where the mother of the child cried after seeing the picture of the baby. As posted on as on 19th February 2016, he said:

"Jasmine had to get put to sleep so I was the only one experiencing it all. At first, Ameera wasn't breathing and for a few minutes was motionless then all of a sudden began to cry and move."

Similarly, the lady is seen enjoying quality time with her baby and is seen posting tweets of her baby on her Twitter account as on 24th October 2016:

Moreover, Ronnie was seen posting pictures of his little girl on his Instagram account on 19th October 2016 where the mother of the daughter was seen giving a witty comment to the man claiming the baby to be her daughter and not his.


Dear God, can you send me a smaller version of me but a girl... and look what he did...

A photo posted by RONNIE BANKS (@realronniebanks) on

Well, although the lady has not married her long-time boyfriend, there seems to be strong connection and bond with the father of the child. They might even be living together with their baby and both loving their parenthood phase. 

The recent posts on the Instagram of the man specifically denote that they are still together. Well, we are looking forward to hearing the news of her getting married someday with her longtime partner and the father of the child.

Series of men she has Dated?

Well, the lady has the long list of men she has dated before and after dating the Vine Star.

In the year 2010 the news of the lady dating the teen singer Justin Bieber flashed out in the media. As posted by on 12th December 2010, the duo is said to have met while working together on the Disney series Wizards. 

Although the lady did not disclose her dating events, the pair is said to have spotted together eating pancakes in Philadelphia at IHOP restaurant.

Caption: Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas at the "People's Choice Award" (2010)

The source reported about their kissing and cuddling activity and the visit made by the lady to Atlanta. The source said:

’Justin and Jasmine have been closer than they have let on for some time.‘He turned up on her video shoot and they were kissing and cuddling. She refers to him as her boyfriend. She also went to Atlanta to visit him" 

However, the duo broke up immediately after their 6 months of dating i.e in November 2010. Although no reason for their break up has been given till the lady has not even confirmed the relationship with Bieber while Justin is currently reported to be single.

Similarly, the  lady was also linked with the Young Ginsu, the American rapper. As reported by the  lady was dating the rapper from the year 2010. But the lady has no disclosed the dating events nor about her meeting events with the man.

Caption: Jasmine with Young Jinsu spotted together.(2010)


However, the relationship only lasted for a year and in the year 2012 , the lady broke up with the rapper while the rapper is reported to be still single. But the lady nor the man has confirmed about their relationship status.

Well, these people might be friends of the lady or might be a one-time boyfriend. But as no assurance has been received for the raised question, there still remains a conflict.

Jasmine Villegas has stepped her foot in the acting zone of Hollywood since the age of nine, through commercials and plenty of hit movies. She gave her solo gig at the age of 11 and signed a music contract with the sony music at the age of 16. 

Therefore, the lady till the age of 23 has accumulated the net worth of $2,000,000, while her annual income is around $235,294. The accumulated net worth is not only from music but also on her acting career and appearance in the music video.