Jason Whitlock Pour Out Thoughts On Getting Married; Does Not Wishes To Have A Wife Or Just Not Ready Yet?

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Views upon marriage differ from person to person, and when Jason Whitlock was put on the spot and asked to pour out his thoughts upon marriage in an interview he not only gave his thoughts but also justified his statement interestingly with relevant instances.
Jason Whitlock Pour Out Thoughts On Getting Married; Does Not Wishes To Have A Wife Or Just Not Ready Yet?

Views upon marital commitments differ from person to person. Sports Journalist Jason Whitlock, when put on the spot and asked to pour out his thoughts about marriage, he not only gave his thoughts but also justified his statement interestingly with relevant instances.

Thoughts on Marriage

Jason Whitlock has an interesting take on marriage and his view came forth when Colin Cowherd asked him to get married during a talk on March 2016. 

Caption: Jason Whitlock's talk with Colin Cowherd on Marriage

During the show, Colin gave an example where one has done well after marriage, thereby urging Jason Whitlock to get married as well.

In response, Jason Whitlock shared his thoughts as singlehood being a strength and marriage being a distraction for him. Moreover, he projected himself strong providing an example of another person who has done well in the career without any commitments demanded by marriage. He stated,

Let me give you another guy who believes there “Advantage to being single”.

Chip Kelly he has no life balance. He is all in football not married just a 100% football 24*7. He thinks it gives him a great advantage in it.

I think it’s an advantage in my career. I have more time to think than my competitors. So I tell people all the time. It’s not that I am smarter than anybody I just got more time to think while you are thinking about your life and kids

Furthermore, Jason elaborated himself as he said,

And she is nagging you or your husband nagging you whatever.

Jason's perspective was reflecting the reality of life post marriage with a wife when he said,

I think I’ll be honest with you. I have lived long enough to know it’s not an advantage. Your life is out of balance.

She needs the stability you need the routine it puts in a better position, to excel.

Jason further explained his problem with marriage and the wishes of a wife in another instance when he said,

My problem is I wanna relax at home and she will be like let's hit the club.

Colin laughed out loud too at this problem and Jason agreed and joined him too.

Alhough Jason has a problem getting married, but he definitely had a girlfriend as per his tweet in 2015, which says,

Despite his problem with marriage, he seems to be dating a girlfriend, which is, of course, a mystery until he confirms his relationship to the media.

His love life under tight guard and focus upon the hard side of marriage with a wife may raise a rumor about him being on the gay side. Bu this is possibly just a rumor. However, Jason has given a statement  in 2016 supporting LGBT community, when he said,

In sports, there are opportunities, we’ve seen it for sports to be a leader in social change, and clearly I don’t want to avoid this man or this tragedy that affected the LGBT community, and there’s a reason why the LGBT community wants the sports world to embrace people of the LGBT community and have a role model for gay and lesbian athletes.”

Weightloss Fight

Back in 2012, Jason Whitlock got over a twitter fight with Shaquille O’Neal after he tweeted about the weight loss competition between Shaq and Charles Barkley.

Shaq was not going to take the criticism and counter-attacked with the statement,

“Jason Whitlock: I tell you what, You can come here and box me any time you want! All muscle right here, baby, trust me.”

Jason was in no mood to fight, and replied with the tweet,

The fight possibly subsided as no more counter attacking hit the media or Twitter.

Born on April 27, 1967, Jason Lee Whitlock is a sports journalist who has worked with Fox Sports, ESPN, Kansas City Star and AOL sports. He has not disclosed his net worth till date, but with his link with the leading organizations, it can be estimated to be in millions.