Jehmu Greene Wants To Get Married And Have A Husband? Her Social Media Activity Says So

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Jehmu Greene Wants To Get Married And Have A Husband? Her Social Media Activity Says So

The Democratic political commentator and media strategist, Jehmu Greene of Texas has still managed to enjoy a hush-hush personal life. To maintain the privacy in the personal life is entirely Jehmu’s choice, but still, she can’t stop people from wondering about her love life and personal issues.

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Has Jehmu Greene Remained Unmarried Because Of Her Busy Career?

No doubt, the forty-five-year-old Jehmu has been a very private person. The former Fox News analyst, who doesn’t hesitate to talk about her professional career with the media or in any of her interview, hasn’t uttered a single word about her love life.

By the looks of it, Jehmu remains unmarried, as there is no echt evidence of her having a husband and enjoying a married life. There is a possibility she is dating out of the spotlight, but the speculations remain baseless until an official statement on the matter.

However, we have come to know that Jehmu is a single mom. In October of 2012, Jehmu took Twitter to reveal that she is a single mother and has an eight-year-old son.

In addition to that, she said that she needs a husband because she couldn’t stop her child from running around with his AK-47.

Earlier in 2011, Jehmu was asked about her husband, where she revealed that she is married to insomnia and needs a divorce with it desperately.

There isn't any trace of Jehmu's dating affairs, boyfriends and partners. Some people believe that Jehmu was once married and divorced, while some say that she has been enjoying a solitary life since a long time.

Well, Jehmu has successfully managed to keep her family life under wraps. In this context, it seems that we have to wait a little longer to know about her love life until she unveils the facts about her possible married life and her thirteen-year-old son.

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