Jennifer Holland's First Dating Anniversary With Filmmaker Boyfriend, James Gunn

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Jennifer Holland's First Dating Anniversary With Filmmaker Boyfriend, James Gunn

It seems like Jennifer Holland has accomplished one wish from her bucket list last week as she celebrated a milestone of her relationship with her filmmaker boyfriend. Do you know who he is? If you don’t know, then you have just found the perfect place to learn it all.


On the commencement of our three day weekend! Be safe, everyone!

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Caption: The beautiful couple

The American Pie actress probably found the love of her life on 2015, and she is very glad that she found him. On July 10, 2015, Jennifer Holland went on a date with James Gunn, @JamesGunn, who is the maker of the Guardian of Galaxy (2014). The couples have now completed a whole one year of their relationship after their first date and are looking forward to taking it all the way.

Both Jennifer and James announced their one-year dating anniversary through their Instagram and Twitter account.

The couples are more than happy in their relationship, but they have not said anything about marrying each other till now. Maybe they think that’s it is better to spend some more time together before taking the next big step.

Not sure if you knew this or not but James was a married man till 2008 with then-wife Jenna Fischer. The couple got married in the year 2000 but eventually got divorced after spending eight years together and before he met Jennifer he dated two more girls.

He was in a relationship with violinist Mia Matsumiya,@mia_matsumiya, who is also a legal midget at the height of 4 ft 9 inches and later after they broke up, he dated Melissa Stetten, @MelissaStetten, who is a semi-retired model. But it seems like the new couple is now perfect for each other.

We may be seeing James get on his knees and pop the question to Jennifer very soon as according to Jennifer’s post, it seems like the family of James also approves her.

Jennifer Holland’s Bio:

Jennifer Holland, @JennLholland, was born on 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Her Birth date is not disclosed in any of her bios but we presume it is on 11 of November as per her twitter post on November 2 which showed that her birthday was one week away from that day.


Thank you @jamesgunn for making sure that I was surrounded by so much love and laughter this year on my birthday. You've showed me that loving yourself and allowing others to show their love for you is just as important as giving others your love. Thank you for teaching me to be present in imperfect moments, teaching me that, no matter how scared you are, you should never get off the ride, and for showing me that every single day is a day for closing your eyes and making a wish, because dreams really do come true. (Oh, and also for making run-on sentences really fucking cool on social media.) And thank you to everyone who gave me love and shared this special birthday with me. I need you all in my life. I am incomplete without you all. I am overwhelmed. I am so alive. And, I am truly the luckiest person in the world.

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Caption: A day after November 9, she thanks her boyfriend for making her birthday special.

 The American actress, Jennifer is famous for her roles in movies like American Pie Presents: The Book of Love(2009), Zombie Strippers (2008), The Sisterhood (2004). Any further information about her is missing at the moment. Talking about her sexuality, she is in a relationship with James Gunn; there is no question about her being a lesbian.