Jenny Powell Made A New Life Without Husband, Does That Include a New Boyfriend or Just Daughters?

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Jenny Powell Made A New Life Without Husband, Does That Include a New Boyfriend or Just Daughters?

A life of a single parent can be tough, but it's not impossible, at least not for Bighead's commentator, Jenny Powell. She indeed makes it look pretty manageable when it comes to parenting her two daughters singly.

Jenny got along with her kids quite well and passed a blissful family life even after the split with her husband. The three-membered family indeed has managed it commendably to come all this way from the dejected phase to what they are today.

But hasn't Jenny got any partner yet and accordingly is unsuccessful to find a father for her daughters? Let's know all the facts, commencing right from the starting point of Jenny's relationship timeline.

Conjugal Life: The Erased Part Of Jenny's Life!

The love life of Jenny didn't begin with her ex-husband, Toby Baxendale, as she was on a couple of dating affairs before getting into a marital relationship with the self-made millionaire.

She first dated Take That's Jason Orange for three years and then moved on with Bros singer Matt Goss to be in a romantic relationship with him.

After two boyfriends, she met Toby in a Chinese restaurant in 1997, who was then running his family's flooring company. A year later they decided to cohabit and bought a house after selling their flats.

The relationship of Jenny and Toby took a firm shape when they welcomed their first baby girl Constance on January 18, 2001.

Caption: Jenny with her former husband, Toby and their daughter.

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Jenny then got married in an open-air nightclub on the shore of Lake Garda in Italy in October 2003 after her veiled engaged relationship with her former fiance, Toby.

The escalated relationship of the two went quite well until the moment Jenny found Toby to be cheating on her in the year 2008. She was indeed seven months pregnant with her second child, Pollyanna, when she discovered Toby was dating a recruitment consultant Suzanne Galloway.

Moreover, it was the end of a 13-year marital relationship, when Toby left his wife and daughters(Pollyanna being eight weeks) to live with Suzanne after three months of the incident. The couple's split later got official approval with a finalized divorce in 2009.

The mother-of-two Jenny then began to live in Altrincham, Cheshire with her kids parenting them being a single parent.

Caption: Jenny with her two daughters, Constance and Pollyanna.

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Jenny has recently opened up about her past battle with post-natal depression on Loose Woman in April this year and has even revealed of being in a relationship with a guy named Martin.

She has also gushed her romantic story about how he impressed her in a coffee talk at Euston Station, who is now her fiance as per a source.

As of now, Jenny and her daughters are sharing some great family moments together with Martin in Cheshire home, while Jenny appears to be going pretty well with her career. This year she has joined ITV's game show called Bigheads as a commentator.

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