'Animaniacs' Actor Jess Harnell Married With Wife Or Looking For Girlfriend?

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'Animaniacs' Actor Jess Harnell Married With Wife Or Looking For Girlfriend?

American Voice actor Jess Harnell has gained much fame in the world of entertainment through his prominent voice. The talented actor is best known for voicing Wakko Warner in Animaniacs, an American animated comedy television series. 

Jess has already voiced the multiple famous characters, which includes 2015's Disney film Inside Out but the fans are hardly familiar with the person behind the voice of the characters. 

Same goes for his love life too for Jess has been notoriously quiet about it. 

Turns out, despite his ultimate efforts to keep his dating life under the veil his admirers have been able to grab insights on his married life.

Dating Status Revealed - Married?

Jess Harnell is a well-known voice actor, who has already given his voice to famous character Don in the 2012 Disney feature, Wreck-It Ralph. He has also remained as the only actor to voice both, Autobot (Ironhide) and Decepticon (Barricade) in the multi-million film, Transformers (2007). 

However, the actor is yet to voice out his love life for he has been keeping his dating life at bay. 

Despite his secrecy, his followers have been able to shed some light on the possible romantic life that he shares. According to some forums, it has been reported that Jess, who is at the age of 54, is already married and is blessed with a wife.

As per the forum, Jess has tied the nuptial knot with his wife on 26 September 2003. However, they failed to mention about the person Jeff walked down the aisle with. Well, as Jess himself has not yet confirmed the news it could all just be a rumor. 

Adding to his rumors, Jeff was previously spotted walking down the street with Danielle Vasinova, the high-spirited actress of Czech. Jess and Danielle were sharing some quality time back in March 2017 around the Balboa Park in Beverly Hills.

While on their walk, the duo was all smiles which have led to speculation that Danielle could be his possible girlfriend.

Jess Harnell with Danielle Vasinova at Balboa Park in Beverly Hills on 31 March 2017. (Photo: alamy.com)

However, seems like nothing much yield out of their walk along the Balboa Park as there was no any further news of the couple. 

Jess has hardly made any statement relating to his love life. Neither has he posted any pictures on his social media nor has he opened up about the relationship in any of the interviews.

However, he once mentioned his on-screen wife Kelly Osbourne on Twitter as the best cartoon wife while they both voiced in the Disney animation The 7D. 

Focus On Career

Well, Jess has been enjoying his life voicing the characters instead of focusing on his love life. He has been dedicating his talents to the video game, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, which is in the post-production stage at current. Similarly, he is geared up for the TV series, Animaniacs, where he portrayed the role of Wakko Warner. 

Adding to it, Jess recently confirmed that he will be reprising as Barricade in the upcoming Bumblebee spinoff which is expected to be delivered to audiences in December 2018.  

However, Travis Knight didn't bring up any aspect relating to Barricade, it can be imagined that his role in the movie will be limited.

Well, besides his on-screen work, his personal life is truly a mystery to his admirers.

Steps Into Social Realm 

Well in today's world of social media, Jess Harnell has finally taken his steps into the extended world of social media. Jess, who was previously active only on Twitter, has now has been active on both, Facebook and Instagram as well.

His account in Facebook goes by name Jess Harnell and his Instagram account goes by account name jessharnell_.

With his first step into Facebook and Instagram, Jess began with a Unify Selfie Challenge which is a hand over mouth representation of the silence, which is associated with bullying.

Adding to it, he even posted a picture of his two pet cats whom he regards as his roommates. Moreover, he has begun many interactions with his followers through contests.