Jessica Robertson Wiki: Wedding At A Young Age Amid Dilemma! But It Was a Lesson

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Jessica Robertson Wiki: Wedding At A Young Age Amid Dilemma! But It Was a Lesson

Every experience is a lesson: one can either learn from it or run from it. But there are some pivotal ones that can change the course of one's life. 

Such experience in case of the reality star Jessica Robertson is her marriage: not one, but two.

Robertson got married at a young age of 17 which made her review her choice and led her to her second marriage. 

Do you want to know how she became a Robertson bride? Then, let's follow her along the journey!

Jessica Robertson Wiki:  Addition to Duck Dynasty

The reality star, Jessica was a licensed real estate agent before she entered the world of reality shows. 

Born in Louisiana to a Christian family, Jessica spent her childhood days going to church every Sunday and hunting on every weekend with her dad.

Growing up in a Christain family, the church girl started to lose faith in herself when her high school boyfriend cheated on her. 

Devastated by the heartbreak, Jessica started to lose focus and got involved in a relationship with a young pastor. Jessica was seventeen when the mid 20s pastor asked her to marry him.

"I also started to feel that I should be in love with him even though I wasn't in love with him. Everyone said I was the luckiest girl in the world to have snagged him.

Jessica agreed to the marriage proposal despite the fact that she did not love him. Because of the loveless marriage, her resentment towards it got the best of her, for, only after a year, she filed for divorce. 

Marriage at an early age and a divorce to top it off led her down the dark path of drinking, smoking, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she further added,

"I reached out to the friends I went to high school with and they were heavily into the college scene and partying and drinking and sleeping around. So I started hanging out with them and I fell right into that lifestyle too."

Jessica was at her lowest when she first met Jep at a hair salon in March of 2001. Soon after that, Jessica started going to the house of the star from the hit reality TV show, Duck Dynasty, for Bible studies. 

That was where their love kindled. Jep's family, however, insisted that he stop seeing Jessica on accounts of her past. 

The Christian family did not think it a good omen to go out with a young divorcee. But the flame had sparked, and the future promised a beautiful family.

Jessica was not the only one who had lost focus, however. Jep admitted that he was into drinking, partying, and experimenting drugs. 

It continued until one day when his brother confronted him and took him back to his family. After spending three months with his family, Jep gained his sobriety back.

But that was all in the past. And if something's meant to happen, there is no stopping it. Jep's family baptized Jessica and accepted her, after all. 

Following her baptism, they got married in October the same year they met.

Now that's a whirlwind!

Wait, there is more! The couple announced their first pregnancy in April 2002. Fast forward fourteen years, they are parents of five children: Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, River, and Augustus. 

She gave birth to the four by c-section. Due to multiple scissoring, Jessica was not in a condition to have her fifth child, so they thought of adopting one. 

After a year of filing for adoption, and two failed attempts, Jep and Jessica welcomed their fifth child, Augustus. 

Jules Augustus Robertson is the newest member to join Duck Dynasty, and the family cannot stop gushing about him.

Now that is one big and blessed family!

When asked about Augustus joining the Duck Dynasty, Jep confessed:

"He might be slightly spoiled because my kids and us love on that boy so much,"

Jessica's perfect look, despite giving birth to four children, has been a subject of speculation among many people. 

They believe her to have undergone plastic surgery, but rest assured that it is only a rumor. She has been blessed with her looks and her husband with his net worth of $8 million.

Jep and Jessica, along with their five children, lived in Louisiana along with other Robertsons. But the couple sold their house from Robertson row and moved to Austin, Texas recently to pursue Jep's dream of operating a food truck

The duo has also published a book, The Good, the Bad and the Grace of God, in 2015.

Jep and Jessica, who are Americans by ethnicity, have been successfully setting a beautiful example as a couple. 

They make us realize that one should not be judged based on their past, we should learn to forgive, and work for the better future.