Jessica Smith 37, in a Fit Married Life With Husband! See How?

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Jessica Smith 37, in a Fit Married Life With Husband! See How?

Life is all about balance; balance between professional and personal life, between eating fried food and boiled veggies, between working out and lying down in bed, between friends and family, and with everything else.

We are here to talk about a celebrity who has balanced it all. The personality is none other than the fitness freak, Jessica Smith. She has not only managed to keep herself fit and made a career out of it inspiring millions of people, but she and her husband have been a source of inspiration to the couples, too.

If you seek more information about Jessica and her fit married life, then you've hit the right place!

Jessica Smith's Fit life and Marriage with Husband:

Most of the people are into fitness and work out regime, as having a fit body, abs, and curves are the modern day requirement to look appealing. While millions of people are struggling to achieve that ultimate body, there are a few who make millions uploading fitness videos on YouTube, and Jessica and her husband, Sensi Guillermo Gomez, seem to fall in the latter category.

Jessica Smith has her Youtube channel called "jessicasmithtv" where she posts videos that help people lose weight and stay fit. Most of her videos consist of intense workout and yoga. She basically acts as a virtual fitness trainer and is pretty good at what she does, as she makes work out fun for people.

And if you are a dog lover, which we are assuming you are, you have a bonus, as her dog Peanut usually accompanies her during her workout session.

She believes Peanut helps her viewers feel like they know her.

“They’ve met my dog. They’ve seen my home. There is such a more personal connection, even though I haven’t met them.”


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On the other hand, her husband, Sensei Guillermo Gomez, has a fourth-degree Aikido black belt and has trained for twenty-five years in martial arts from all around the world, including training in China's legendary Shaolin Temple. Sensei has produced two DVDs, which feature Kickboxing CardioBlast and Kickboxing Cardio Burn all in 60 minutes work out.

Both Jessica and Sensi are pretty good at their job individually, and whenever they get the chance to workout with each other, they do it happily.


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The married couple often collaborates with each other for their workout session, which is always formidable.

Jessica and her husband's work out session (Jun 23, 2013)

In the past, Jessica struggled with weight loss. And after achieving her weight loss goal, she went on to help millions of people going through the same struggle as hers. Besides her well-toned body, her extreme work out and dedication towards her fitness has awarded the 37-year-old with looks many years younger than her actual age.

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