Jessie Buckley Turned On-Screen Brother James Norton Into A Real Life Boyfriend; Still Dating?

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Jessie Buckley Turned On-Screen Brother James Norton Into A Real Life Boyfriend; Still Dating?

How often do we see an on-screen sibling pair turn out to be a dating pair off-screen? Well, Jessie Buckley surely is one of the stars to do so. She and her on-screen brother later turned out to be dating one another beyond the screen. But are they still together?

Siblings On-screen But A Real Life Couple:

Jessie Buckley and James Norton were co-stars in the BBC series War and Peace, where they portrayed the characters of a brother and a sister, but they later turned out to be dating and sharing a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

In the series, the two portrayed Princess Marya and Prince Andrei Bolkonsky.

The rumors first sparked when the on-screen siblings were reportedly kissing one another. But James said that he was living a single life then.

In his own words,

'My love life right now is a lot less interesting that that of any of my characters.'

Jessie too just said that they were just good friends. But some sources claimed,

“It’s clear to see there’s real chemistry between them."

The source also added, 

“They spent the whole night together and were chatting and laughing loads. At one point Jessie planted a kiss on James.”

However, back in March 2016, the two revealed their budding romance with one another and the two who looked adorable as siblings even bettered their bond with a dating relationship. 

The two made their first public appearance as a couple at the Oliver Awards back in 2016.

Caption: Jessie and James make their debut outing as lovers, Olivier Awards in London. (2016)

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But are they still dating? This what the fans would like to know. Well, the two were still seen together late last year on October 2016 and also no such reports of them splitting have come forth.

This indicates that they might still be together and are not willing to make their relationship public or else they might have separated and do not want to talk about it. Well, they're just mere speculations until the stars provide a comment on this regard. Regardless of the truth, James and Jessie who stands 5' 7" in height are a great pairing!