Joel Dommett Reveals Dating Affair With Girlfriend In A Steamy Yet Comic Picture! Relationship Goals?

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Joel Dommett Reveals Dating Affair With Girlfriend In A Steamy Yet Comic Picture! Relationship Goals? Former "Skins" actor Joel Dommett has a girlfriend. Yes, it is true. Therefore, sorry ladies, if you were fancying to date this actor and comedian; he is no longer available. The actor and his dating partner are in a happy relationship, and people are often referring their relation, as relationship goals. Is it so? Are they truly that adorable together?
Joel Dommett Reveals Dating Affair With Girlfriend In A Steamy Yet Comic Picture! Relationship Goals?

Former "Skins" actor Joel Dommett has a girlfriend. Yup, you heard us right!

He and his dating partner, his girlfriend, are in a happy relationship. People even call the relationship between them relationship goals. But is it so? Are they truly that adorable together? Stich around to find out!

Who Is Joel Dommett's Girlfriend? A Beautiful Love Connection With His Partner:

The former Skins' actor, Joel Dommett, had sent some major pulses racing in the jungle, as a part of "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" last year, following which he revealed all about his dating life including his girlfriend. 

He did it in an emotional heart-to-heart conversation with fellow contestant, Scarlett Moffatt, where Dommett said that he was seeing someone before he even came to the ITV show.

Caption: Joel & Scarlett Discuss Being in Love, Published on Dec 4, 2016.

He expressed,

“Being in here around all these people who are very happy in their relationships made me evaluate a lot of things and makes me feel a lot about what I want.”

And when he was asked by Scarlett if he had someone at home, he said:

“I started dating someone before I came out here.

Joel added,

"I am genuinely looking forward to seeing her again but the problem is that I immediately go away for work again. It’s just really hard because I go, ‘I really like you, see you in March. It’s hard to date a normal person who has a normal job. A muggle, if you will.”

Moreover, when Scarlett talked about her boyfriend, he joked,

 “Yes but you don’t work at night, whereas I film during the day and pretty much gig every night... Basically I need to date someone who does nightshifts like a nurse, or Batman or strippers. I dated a policewoman for a while and she was lovely, it’s really fun dating a policewoman.”

Scarlett then responded,

“I don’t want to know the ins and outs why that is Joel.”

To which Joel concluded,

“It wasn’t anything like ‘let’s use your handcuffs' because that would be the equivalent of her like asking me to tell jokes in the bedroom.”

The 'I’m A Celeb 2016' runner up has been dating his model girlfriend, Hannah Cooper, for a good period of time now, and they share an adorable plus steamy bond together.

They made their steamy relation evident when the actor and comedian shared a post on his Instagram, where he was seen standing naked along with his girlfriend in a bath tub, while they both looked surprised.

The fans were more than thrilled to see this post.

Well, not only do they share steamy photos, but they also share beautiful pictures of them hanging out and having fun together.

They are hilarious as much as they are adorable together, and that is why they are termed relationship goals. As they have everything, a couple must have within themselves.

Gay Speculations:

Some of his social posts have often led people to term him to be a gay and doubt on his sexuality. One such post was seen, when he took to his Facebook to share that a gay man was hitting on him.

That raised some major eyebrows, and people started steaming the rumors of him being a gay.

But he has not officially come out as such. However, him having expressed his will to date several kinds of women is enough for shutting those rumors for good. And if that is not good enough, well, we know he has a girlfriend in his life!

The man with several 'Pi' tattoos is indeed an extraordinary kind of person.

He has that tattoo because he memorized pi for 106 times.

The nerdy pi tattoo is not the only piece of art on his body, as he also has a wing tattoo and a forearm tattoo.