John Dickerson's Married Life: All You Need To Know About His Wife And Children

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John Dickerson's Married Life: All You Need To Know About His Wife And Children

People who perform the same profession for a long period becomes an expert in that field, and John Dickerson is that person who has spent almost two decades in the same field. John has undoubtedly become a  true media maven.

Currently, John is the anchor of CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” top rated public affairs program. He joined CBS News in April 2009, as an analyst and contributor and was named Political Director in November 2011.

John Dickerson's Married Life: Wife, Divorce Reason, and Children

John being such a controversy person, is also a romantic person by heart when it comes to love as he dated his wife Anne McKeehan for a long period before their marriage. It has already been almost 15 years since their marriage, and their relationship is growing strong by time and has no issues with their long time marriage. 

He also posts their vacation pic with his wife on his Instagram account;


Climbing up to foggy ponds.

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Caption: John and his wife, Anne McKeehan on their vacation.

A true media maven, John's personal life also has been very low profile. Johan is a married and happy man and also has two sweet children out of their marriage, he has son Brice Dickerson and daughter Nancy Dickerson.

Being such a successful person John also describes how hard it is for him to leave his family nd go fro work as in an interview he gave to on 2015 he reviled much about how hard it is to balance his professional and personal lives. John says;

The family is crucial because there’s nothing more quickly humbling than trying to raise kids and be part of a marriage and a family…Other than that, reporting out in the country helps keep you in contact with people who live a life different from yours. You’re exposed to people with lots of different fears and challenges and hopes and passions, and that shakes you out of being consumed by your own concerns…Going to church helps too. I go to mass at 5:30 Saturday nights, at the church I went to when I grew up.”

In an article published in on 2013 John talks about coming home to his family after being on the campaign trail for 16 months. He says it’s like coming home to different people and you have to get to know them again, which he strives hard to do. He doesn’t want to have a distant relationship with his children such as the one his parents had with him. 

John also adds;

During my absence, I left express instructions that my son was not to approach puberty, but as I tie his tie I am met by his deodorant. He’s wearing something called Axe. They use it to repel rioting crowds, I believe. Once this gets up your nose, it’s like having a Billy Joel song stuck in your head. You can’t get it out…My son is trying to figure out who he is, shaping his identity for the first time. And hopefully, he and his sister will have lots of stumbles because I want them to be braver than I was. But you’ve got to get into position to play this role, which means catching up with these new people I’ve come home to discover. There is no fast way to do this. You can’t sit the kids down for an interview.

Well, we can say that John is a busy man and has a lot of commitment for his work as well for his family. He may not have time for them every time, but John makes's sure his children and wife get every second of his time when he is free.

John is now covering the election which is going to be held on 2016 and does share many updates through his channels.

He also uses his twitter to keep his viewers updated; we can see john tweet on trump's immigration moves. 

John's Short Bio:

John Frederick Dickerson was born on  July 6, 1968, in Washington, D.C., United States. His father was C. Wyatt Dickerson and mother Nancy Dickerson Whitehead, but they got divorced while he and his siblings were growing up. He has three sisters and one brother. John had graduated from Sidwell Friends School in 1987 and held a degree in English with Distinction from the University of Virginia.

During the year 2009, he was mentioned as a face of a nation. John is mostly admired for his work in "Face the Nation" (1954), "Washington Week in Review" (1967) and "CBS News Republican Presidential Debate" (2016). John was also former White House correspondent for Time magazine.

John is straight in his sexuality, and he has ignored the rumors of him being "gay." According to some sources, it say's that John has an estimated net worth of around $ 3 million dollar.

His mother, Nancy Dickerson, was CBS News' first female correspondent. But although Dickerson had a media icon as his mother he didn’t appreciate her work until he was older when he found her journals, letters and newspaper clippings after her death. He wrote a book, On Her Trail, to commemorate his mother on 2006 and mention his relation with his mother and other things in that book.

Currently, John is engaged in the election of 2016 and is busy in the campaing and hosting the CBS HOST.