Jon Gries Could Get Married and Have Family! But He Prefers To Be Alone

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Jon Gries Could Get Married and Have Family! But He Prefers To Be Alone

The perception of marriage defers from one individual to another. Most of them prefer to settle down and have a family, while some prefer to have it otherwise.

When a successful celebrity on his 60s is not married, rumors are bound to circulate. Does remaining unmarried until the age of 60 make him gay? Or could it be that he has not found the one yet? 

Yes, we're talking about Jon Gries. Now, let's find out!

Jon Gries' Status: Unmarried and Single at 60

Jonathan Francis Gries, popularly known as Jon Gries, is the son of writer, director and producer Tom Gries and actress, Eleanor Munday. 

Born in California, Jon has seven siblings. He has appeared in famous movies like Men In Black (1998), The Rundwon (2003) and  Napeolean Dynamite (2004).

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But that is not what put him in the spotlight here! The versatile actor happens to be 60 years old and has not been linked to anyone so far. That's a bummer!

The actor made a sly dig on his Twitter about him wanting to be alone.


After tweeting this, his fans obviously had their notions to express about him not having kids and wife.


Now that is a funny one!

What's more surprising is the fact that the actor has never been seen dating. Well, he did express a sentiment of love towards an American television actress, Andrea Parker.


Andrea did not Tweet back to this, but most of her fans agreed to Jon Gries. The television actress finally said "I Love You" to Jon, but it was in response to a separate tweet after almost 2 years. Take a look:


However, Andrea and Jon are not involved with each other. Nor any rumors about them being together have spread. And the actor has not said anything about being gay.

Though Jon's love life never came to light, his acting skills surely put him in the spotlight. 

Born and raised in a family involved in the movie business, he made his screen debut at the wee age of 11 when he was cast as Boy Horace in Will Penny

The actor has gained wide-acclaimed recognition for his versatility. He happens to be an actor, film director, film producer, and a voice actor. 

Gries, with the net worth of $2 million, has been a part of movies like Real Genius, Terrorvision, The Monster Squad, Fright Night II, Get Shorty, The Rundown, Napoleon Dynamite, Taken, Taken 2, Bad Turn Worse, Men in Black and Taken 3

His television shows include Martin and The Pretender, and he has also been a part of the series Lost and Beverly Hills

Standing at the height of 5 feet 10 inches, Gries was nominated for Teen Choice Award for his role as Uncle Rico in the movie Napoleon Dynamite.