Jon Prescott, Spouse To Adore At Age 36? Personal Status Amid Gay Rumors

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Jon Prescott, Spouse To Adore At Age 36? Personal Status Amid Gay Rumors

American actor Jon Prescott is recognized for recurring role in the series As the World Turns. The actor, who is also famous for portraying realistic gay characters, has been silent about his personal life lately.

Jon's dating life may not be entirely transparent, but it's not opaque too as he was supposedly in a relationship in the past. 

Learn all about the romantic side of the Holiday star along with the gay rumors, family life, and bio-related info.

Undisclosed Girlfriend

Back in 2014-15, Jon was assumed to be dating a mysterious woman. Their supposed romance came to light after Jon shared a picture of the two clicking a selfie in Sapa City, Vietnam, on 14 December 2014. 

After just 11 days of the post, Jon, who loves adventures and traveling; uploaded another photo, this time in Myanmar where the presumed couple were seen in front of a Pagoda-style temple. In the picture, Jon's alleged girlfriend posed in goggles blowing a flying kiss towards the camera. 

Further, on 17 February 2015, Jon took his lady for scuba diving in Catalina Island, California. Jon shared a photo via his Instagram where the duo could be seen posing in wetsuits.


Jon Prescott enjoys scuba diving with a supposed girlfriend at Avalon Bay, Catalina Island (Photo: Jon Prescott's Instagram)

Since this post, their relationship went to a halt as he stopped posting photos with the woman in recent times. Moreover, Jon has also not talked about his affair in the media. And his silence raised the question whether the two were in a committed relationship at all. 

Further, Jon, a man with two wives in the movie Howl, is an unmarried man without a wife in real life. It may take some time before Jon finally decides to settle down and choose a suitable spouse for himself.

Gay Rumors Swirls

Jon's passive dating life has not done him any favors as he's been subject to several gay rumors in the past. Furthermore, Jon played the role of a gay man in two consecutive movies, Howl (2010) and The One (2011), which had added fuel to the fire.

His famous bl** j** scene with James Franco in Howl is one of the most talked about gay scenes in the movie industry; whereas, in The One, Jon played Daniel, the love interest of Tommy (played by Ian Novick).

Also on 19 November 2012, while talking about a specific movie named HHSR, he mentioned via Twitter that he was openly gay. Even though he probably meant it as a joke, there were some who took it too literally.

On 28 July 2015, a fellow Twitter user asked Jon if he was gay in real life. In the tweet, the user named Johnny posed the following question,

@prescottjon I remember watching your movie about being closeted gay. May I ask if you're gay in real life? I love supporting gay actors

Jon, who stands at the height of  6' 1" (1.85 m), didn't answer the question and thus his sexual preference remained a mystery.

Moreover, on occasions, Jon is also suspected of being a bisexual. In the renowned Q&A website, there is a question, "Is actor Jon Prescott gay?"; to which one user answered, "he used to be, but now he is bisexual."

Jon's sexual preference, whether he likes girls, guys, or both; is a secret known only to him. And as long as Jon is happy being himself; there's no reason for him to explain his identity to the world.

Father's Death, Relation With Mother

Jon aged 36, who celebrates his birthday on August 10, suffered the tragedy of his father's death in late 2011, but his relationship with his mother remains intact.

About a year after his father's death, Jon posted a tweet on 19 November 2012, in which he mentioned that he had spent his time watching movies with his mother. Further, he thanked the cast of HHSR, and a fellow Twitterati named "Equal Is Right" for making Jon and his mother laugh after the tragic death of his father.

On the occasion of his mother's birthday on 17 October 2014, Jon shared a picture of his baby self with his mom to wish her on the day.

Jon posts a childhood photo with his mother on 17 October (Photo: Jon Prescott's Instagram)

Moreover, on 19 June 2017, on the occasion of Father's Day, Jon shared a memory of his childhood, where he along with his siblings could be seen taking piano lessons from his father.