Jon Rudnitsky: Won't Tell About Having A Girlfriend - But Does That Make Him Gay?

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Jon Rudnitsky: Won't Tell About Having A Girlfriend - But Does That Make Him Gay?

When you are a public figure, then it's natural for the audience to have curiosity regarding your personal life. But not every celebrity love to share every detail of their personal life to the media and the audience. 

The real-life of the standup comedian Jon Rudnitsky resembles the scenario, as he too has hidden beautifully behind his professional career. However, since his love life with a girlfriend is not creating headlines, that led people to conjecture him as gay; but- is it true though?

Let's dig in to find that out!

Is Jon Rudnitsky Enjoying A Dating Life With A Girlfriend Or Is He Single?

Jon Rudnitsky, the former cast member of Saturday Night Live (SNL), is popular for his fantastic comic timing and a good sense of humor. Jon has always managed to make people involved and engaged in his shows, but he has never performed a publicity stunt by opening his love life to the mass.

The relationship status of Jon is still a mystery. Since he hasn’t talked about his love life in any of his interviews and on social networking sites, many people assume him to be single. On the other hand, some of the people out there consider Jon as gay as he has not been spotted with his possible girlfriend.

Although there is no any evidence of Jon’s dating affair, his fans can’t accept the fact that Jon is single, after all, he is such a good looking and humorous guy. Anyways, Jon would retain his singlehood status until he publicly opens about his relationship and affairs.

In Jon’s senior year in 2012, he participated and won Laugh Factory’s Laugh Bowl College Comedy Competition, where he mentioned about his family and revealed how his mom raised him gay.

During the show, he told how hard it was for him to reveal his mom that he was straight by sexuality.

Caption: Jon Rudnitsky on the Laugh Factory’s Laugh Bowl College Comedy Competition where he talks about how he came out to his mom as straight after he was being raised as gay for years.

Video Credit: Laugh Factory

Unlike Jon’s personal life, his professional life is like an open book. Twenty-seven-year-old Jon, who is popular as the former cast member of Saturday Night Live, is now working hard to establish himself as a successful actor and comedian.


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He recently appeared in Home again, where he portrayed the character of George along with Nat Wolff and Reese Witherspoon.

Earlier in February 2017, it was revealed that Jon Rudnitsky would appear in Relatively Happy as the male lead opposite Genevieve Angelson. Likewise, Jon is also said to be appearing in the new season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm and Comedy Jams on Comedy Central.

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