Jordan Gavaris' Interview Regarding Gay Role: Any Girlfriend and Dating History?

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Jordan Gavaris' Interview Regarding Gay Role: Any Girlfriend and Dating History?

A great man was quoted interrupting the interviewer whose remarks hurt his sentiments for the gay community.

"I’d be offended by you if I were gay."

The person is non-other than Canadian Actor Jordan Gavaris, who is best known for his role of a homosexual in series of “Orphan Black.” His bold and stellar performance has been a topic of gossip in the media.

Right now, learn all the details about his personal life and find out all the answers to the questions related to his personal life. Is he really gay? Who is he dating? Does he have any girlfriend or is he married? Find out below.


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Is He Gay?

Actor Gavaris presented himself in a bold manner with the issue of his gay role in series “Orphan Black”  while attending an interview. He was interviewed on the topic regarding his gay role where he clarified his position saying how he was trying to represent himself according to the story of series.

Caption: Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, and Marie Doyle Kennedy talking about Orphan Black

Artists of Orphan Black spoken of the series. In an interview, he bashed, "That’s is so irresponsible as a journalist, as anyone is writing in a public forum. Not good!"

Similarly, Gavaris also explained it is not awkward portraying a straight or gay role if it is what the script is asking for.. Since portrayed the role of homosexual Felix Dawkins in “Orphan Black,”  he was rumored to be gay.

Regarding his gender, Gavaris gets frequent questions from his followers in social media.


His Dating History and Girlfriend?

He hasn’t confessed about his girlfriend and his dating history yet. So, such queries are reasonable.

Meanwhile, Gavaris also got support from co-creator John Fawcett regarding LGBT representation in media. He said, “There is a danger, with a character like this, of going into a trite territory,”

Caption: Jordan Gavaris talks about feedback from the  LGBT Community 

Gavaris also promised that the season 2 of series Orphan Balck would be in the developed version regarding Felix Dawkin’s personality than in the season 1. He shared, “We all agreed, collectively, that we would explore Felix as an entity outside Clone Club: what his private life looks like, who it’s with, what his friends look like, what they mean to him, his modus operandi outside of being the person Sarah calls in the middle of the night.”

His Character in Season 4:

We do not know about him, but everybody feels a connection with his character, Felix. Jordon Gavaris has shared his views for the new upcoming season 4 of the series in an interview with 'Entertainment Weekly' on April 2016. He has agreed that the season 4 is much like the throwback of season 1. He has also shared the common bond possessed by Felix and Sarah. He said, " his bond with Sarah hinged largely on the fact that they were both wayward orphans." 

Jordan James Gavaris's Short Bio:

Born on September 25, 1989, at Caledon Ontario, Canada. Jordan Gavaris was a Canadian actor. As he can be recognized easily by his best role in series “Orphan Black,” he was awarded by Canadian Screen Award for best performance in a role of an actor, Constellation Award for Best Male performance in 2013 and EWwy Award for Best Supporting actor in drama series.Currently, he is Co-starring in the new original drama Orphan Black for BBC America and Canada space.