UFC's Josh Barnett Is Dating! Has A Girlfriend From MMA You Don't Want To Mess With

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UFC's Josh Barnett Is Dating! Has A Girlfriend From MMA You Don't Want To Mess With

"Opposite attracts, but sometimes similarities does the trick!"

Well, MMA specialist and UFC fighter Josh "The Warmaster" Barnett can explain to you better, as he once was in a dating relationship with someone from the same field who shared the similar interest as him.

However, their togetherness didn't last long. Today, let's take a peek into their relationship and find out what went wrong while addressing what Josh's current relationship looks like as well.

Josh Barnett Was Once Dating His MMA Veteran Girlfriend:

Josh Barnett has a UFC record of 35 wins to 8 losses, and this heavyweight champion is well on his route to becoming a first ballet ace in this very primal and neanderthal sport.

Josh has won the UFC heavyweight title and is a former TNA champion, which shows how accomplished he is in his career as a pro wrestler.

But, Josh was also once termed a very successful man in his dating life. Josh previously dated Colleen Schneider, who loves to inflict pain on her oppositions, as she too is an MMA veteran.

Colleen and Josh were one tough couple, who dated quite "strongly" and also were gushing about their relationship all over the social media.


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These two were even a part of several ad campaigns, which goes to show the love people showered upon them for being paired up as a couple.


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However, like the belief that even the strongest things break, Josh and Colleen are no longer together and have split leaving their fans all heartbroken, who wished to witness Josh making Colleen his wife!

Adding to that, the reason for 'why and what' caused them to part ways is still a mystery as well!

But when we take a peek at the present, Colleen has moved on in her life with someone new, and she is not shy to flaunt her love out in the open!


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Colleen even revealed of not dating Josh anymore via answering a comment on her Instagram post that featured her new beau.


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But, the concern for Josh's fan now, is that; has Josh found anyone to fall for after splitting with Colleen? Well, Josh is yet to open up on the matter!

So till the time he breaks the ice on his love life, let us enjoy the fact that he is one heck of a fighter, who you just don't want to mess with!

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