Jovita Moore Has Daughter But What About A Husband? Not Considering To Get Married?

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Jovita Moore Has Daughter But What About A Husband? Not Considering To Get Married?

Being a mother is a beautiful feeling in this world, and even more, the wonderful feeling is being a mother to a daughter. Daughter is the little girl whom you adore as a kid and grows up to be your best friend. You take pride in your daughters’ achievements, and she is you most treasured possession.

Sharing a similar story is journalist Jovita Moore who proudly flaunts her daughter on social media platforms and says that her children are her greatest accomplishments but what about her husband? And is she married yet? Let’s find out.

Jovita Moore’s Daughter and family:

Jovita Moore is a single mother to her three children. Single mother Jovita is low-key in nature and has been careful enough not to bring her children into the limelight as she knows the character of the industry very well. Hence least could be known about her personal life unless Jovita wishes to share it with her fans and well wishers.

Jovita has a daughter who is a grown up girl now. Her daughter Shelby's got a learner’s permit, and she shared this joyous occasion via a tweet. And she even warned people on the road to be extra careful as her daughter, Shelby would be driving on the road from now on.

Moreover, she also shared a picture of her daughter with learners permit through Facebook where the happy mother-daughter duo is posting for the camera and Shelby is flaunting her Learner’s permit.

 Another the rare occasion was on April 12, 2016, when Jovita shared a video via Instagram. In this video, Jovita and her daughter are caught in Bieber fever, and they are enjoying and singing the song in a car.

 Again on May 22, 2016, Jovita shared the Instagram video on Twitter, and Jovita tweeted about her favorite song and even shared that it's the mother-daughter favorite.

Moreover, on May 23, 2016, Jovita mentioned her daughter in her Twitter post and shared her surprise reaction over one's youthful appearance.

Jovita is a super caring mother, which is evident in her Instagram post on March 5, 2017, where she shared a conversation she had with her curious son, on Sunday while walking. She even shared that she loved every bit of it and cherished the memories associated as well.


Last Sunday, I walked alone and talked to Him. This Sunday, I had company on my walk and talked to him. Son: what's an Adam's apple? Me: umm, that thing in your throat... Son: but what is it exactly? Me: I'm not really sure, can we google it later? Son: how come I can't see mine? Me: that's a good thing, really. Son: why is it called an Adam's apple? Me: umm, I think... ( gets cut off ) Son: is it because "Adam" ate an "apple"? ( air quotes used ) Me: you know what, that's a good theory and I... ( gets cut off again ) Son: who gave Adam that apple anyway ???( slight side eye but I'm thinking it was really a squint because of the sun in his face ) Me: Eve, remember? Son ( definite side eye ) then: where can I read more about Adam? Me: Genesis, in the Bible. Son: show me. ( pulls out iPhone, taps Bible app, searches Genesis ) Son: that will take me forever to read. Me: well now is a great time to get started. There were stretches of silence, minutes when one of us lagged behind the other. And even, dare I say it, a few minutes of hand holding. So this Sunday, I had company and loved every second of it.

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Jovita is not only a loving mother, but she is also a caring daughter of her mother, as well. On the occasion of Mother's Day, she made her mother feel special being there with her and she clicked her mother in camera as well. And clicking her photo was special as she doesn't like being in front of cameras.

In one of Jovita's Twitter post, she asked to guess her age, and she has kept her ardent fans guessing about her age.

As per employer’s website of, Jovita’s marital status is not married, and she has been very secretive regarding her love life as it’s unknown if she was married previously to have a husband or not. And the dating life of Jovita has not surfaced in the media, so the mystery of her romantic union lies with Jovita only.

Jovita Moore started her career as a reporter in 1990 with KFSM-TV in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In 1998, she became a weekend news anchor for WSB-TV, before doing the daily news stories in March 2005.

Currently, Moore is a news presenter and reporter, and she presents the daily newscast of WSB-TV Atlanta, Georgia, in the time slot of 5 pm to 6 pm and 11 pm to 11:30 pm. Further, she does news reports during the week. With her passion, hard work and dedication she must have a handsome salary along with an impressive net worth which she has not disclosed yet.

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