Julian Morris With Real-Life Girlfriend; Dating Co-Star?

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Julian Morris With Real-Life Girlfriend; Dating Co-Star?

Getting to know people, while spending frequent time with them, surely helps people to gel in well with the individual. And with time when the casual bonding between the two gets fueled with care and attention, usually, the feeling of affection then rises.

Well, such situation seems to be experienced by the famous actor Julian Morris, as he is seen, hinting romance with his co-star with whom he shares a strong bond on-screen.

So, without any delay, let’s take a look at Julian’s personal life to know if the on-screen duo has grown feelings for one another off-the-cameras.

Julian Morris’ Love In Real Life:

The English actor Julian Morris has undoubtedly impressed a lot of his fans through his charming looks. Well, not only via looks but also with the on-screen performances and romance, Julian receives appreciation from his followers. Even more, he looks to be awing his fans through his off-screen romantic union as well.

During the time, at the ABC's Television serial 'Once Upon A Time,' Julian as Prince Philips shared the screen with Sarah who portrays the character of Princess Aurora. The couple who absolutely looked adorable together was able to garner a lot of attention through their on-screen chemistry. 

Julian Morris liplocks Sarah Bolger on the set of Once Upon A Time (Picture: Amazon)

However, besides the on-screen chemistry, the couple looks to be together in real life relationship as well. Back in June 2013, Julian uploaded a picture in his Instagram account where he can be seen all in smiles with the beautiful Sarah.


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Just after a year, on February 2014, Julian again Instagrammed a picture of Sarah and quoted her to be 'his gorgeous' in the caption.


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The "my" word before 'gorgeous' subtly hinted the off-screen chemistry of Julian and Sarah. However, Morris seems to stay tight-lipped when it comes to speaking of his love life. Neither Julian nor Sarah has opened or confirmed about their dating relationship in any of their interviews till date. So, it's not exactly sure if Sarah is, in fact, the girlfriend of Julian behind the cameras. Anyways, the fans and followers of both the actors would love to see the couple together, making the fan fairytale a reality.

Further, Julian who can be seen shirtless and even depicts gay roles on-screen prefers privacy regarding his private life.

Julian Morris, shirtless (Photo: mynewplaidpants.com)

The privacy that Morris has braced his personal life with has eventually been raising the rumors of him being gay. So, its all up to Julian himself now, to clarify the status of his love life and also his sexual orientation.