Julie Klausner Metaphorically Married! Surprisingly, Husband Is Not Man

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Julie Klausner Metaphorically Married! Surprisingly, Husband Is Not Man

Julie Klausner is best known for writing the script of the widely celebrated Hulu series, Difficult People. Not only she was the writer of the series, but she also appeared in the dark comedy web television series alongside American comedian Billie Eichner.

The New York City native is in a strange marriage. The picture from her wedding day has amused her fans. Well, if you want to know about her married life and her husband, then go through the article.

Is Julie Klausner Married?

New York-based comedian Julie Klausner had been tight-lipped about her relationship status before her wedding pictures shocked everyone. 

The New York University graduate shared the surprising pictures of her wedding day in 2014. Interestingly, the groom was not a man. So, who walked down the aisle with her?

Well, she got married to Jimmy Jazz who has an amazing fanbase of his own.

Metaphorical Husband; Deep-Rooted Love

Well, Julie's husband is not a man. The blessed metaphorical husband of Julie is non-other-then her beloved pet cat Jimmy.

Julie Klausner's metamorphic husband Jimmy (Julie Klausner's Instagram)

Also known as a podcaster, Julie is very much attached to her pet-cat. She loves her cat and even considers her to be an essential part of her life. So, she used the computing platform to materialize her bond with her closest furry friend, posting the picture of their classy wedding.

In 2014, the news of her wedding went viral when she made a collage of herself wearing a bridal costume standing beside her groom in a church. The attendants present were a group of cats and humans in a church.      

Julia Klausner's wedding picture with her cat (Photo: papermag.com)

With usual cats-obsessed posts on her Instagram account, her obsession for cats had not remained under a shadow. When Paper Magazine asked her to create a collage of her and her kitty cat, Jimmy Jazz, with the new Sprout technology by HP, she came up with the insane wedding picture. 

Talking to the magazine about the experience, Julie, however, clarified the things out. She said her cat was more like her son rather than her husband-to-be. 

"Paper asked me to a collage of me and my kitty cat, Jimmy Jazz, with the new Sprout technology, and I said "only if that collage depicts me and Jimmy getting married." You see, I'm a sick weirdo. And I'm proud to say that the image I ended up with is silly and disturbing at once. Why is that? Well, for one thing, my cat, in real life, is way more like my son than he is like a husband-to-be. Our relationship is neither romantic nor sexual. Let me repeat that: Our relationship is neither romantic nor sexual. However, when I asked myself "Who would want to see a doctored photo collage made with state of the art technology featuring me and my tuxedo cat walking down the aisle?" the answer was "Nobody who isn't insane." You can tell from this photo which side of the family is Jimmy's, as I am clearly descended from old timey dowagers cut out of Marx Brothers movies. Working with this computer was the most high-tech, cool, futuristic robot thing I've ever done, and definitely the most intricate and impressively designed machine I've ever used to make something so ridiculous."

Notably, the beautiful actress who stands at the height of 5'4", is reportedly single as of 2018 and busy focusing on her career. Thus, don't get confused about her boyfriend-related posts on Twitter as most of them are dedicated to cats.

Billy On The Street, Podcast, Net Worth

Julia is a multi-dimensional personality as she enjoys many skills. She not only wrote for Difficult People but also featured in the series. She was also the head writer and co-executive producer the famous American comedy game show, Billy on the Street, produced by comedian Billy Eichner. Nevertheless, she has also written for programs such as Mulaney, The Big Gay Sketch Show, The Jack and Triumph Show, and Best Week Ever

Her podcast, How Was Your Week?was included in the list "10 Best Comedy Podcasts of the Moment" by Rolling Stone in 2012. Moreover, her first book I Don't Care About Your Band was released in February 2010 by Gotham/ Penguin Books. Later in 2013, she published her first young adult novel named Art Girls Are Easy. Nevertheless, she is also known as a comedian.

With her versatile career in any field, its evident about the reasonable amount of net worth she enjoys, which is $ 2 million in a figure.