Julien Solomita and Girlfriend Jenna are Relationship Goals! Dating To Getting Married at Young Age?

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Julien Solomita and Girlfriend Jenna are Relationship Goals! Dating To Getting Married at Young Age?

Social media has been an integral part of our life and has also provided a platform to show your quirky aspect too. Besides sharing the highlight of our life, the platform has also become an essential hub for creative minds to showcase their talents. Further, it has also created celebrities. 

Well, today we are talking about a similar content creator, Julien Solomita who rose to fame on the Internet as a YouTube star. But not only is his career successful, but he is also happily enjoying romance with his girlfriend and Youtuber, Jenna Marbles and together, they are deemed as relationship goals. So, today let's explore if their beautiful romance is heading up to marriage? 

Julien Solomita And Girlfriend Jenna Marbles are Relationship Goals!

Youtubers Julien Solomita and his girlfriend, Jenna Marbles are adorable together! But, first, have a look at how their relationship initiated.

Well, Julien briefly explained on how he first met Jenna in one of his videos called, 'Draw My Life.' Julien shared that he first met Jenna at a bar, where he used to work at the time.

After noticing each other for a couple of times, eventually, Julien and Jenna were introduced to each other. Jenna told him to take a night off and hang out with her and her friends, to which Julien agreed. That night, they got to know a lot about each other, and as the time went by, they hit it off and started dating.  

Caption: Julien Solomita's 'Draw My Life' video (Published on Sep 8, 2014) 

Since then, the couple has spent all these years together making goofy videos and showering each other with love, care, and support. Besides Julien's channel, he is also seen with Jenna in her hilarious videos. One of their popular funny videos together is, 'Boyfriend buys my makeup' where Julien bought several makeup items for Jenna, and the video has gained more than 5.4 million views. 

Caption: Julien Solomita buying makeup for his girlfriend, Jenna Marbles (Published on April 3, 2017) 

While witnessing the amazing bond of Julien and Jenna many of their fans have wished them to get married and escalate their association into the relationship, of husband and wife. Further, the fans witnessed the possibility of the couple's marriage when Jenna flaunted a ring; and fans even started to assume if it was an engagement ring. 

However, Julien immediately addressed by tweeting that he didn't propose. 

The curiosity regarding Julien and Jenna's engagement prevailed amongst the fans and answered one of the most asked question; which is- when is he going to propose Jenna?

Julien that shared that they have indeed, talked to each other. Further, he said that the beautiful love that the couple shares, is what matters the most and they have already chosen one another. He concluded that an engagement ring is only a matter of formality. 

Caption: Julien answering some questions from fans (Published on April 5, 2016) 

No wonder they are Relationship Goals, but it seems that there is still time for an engagement followed by marriage.

Youtube star, Julien Solomita was born on April 17, 1992, in Stanford, California. Although his parents parted ways when he was just studying in the first grade, he had the company of his sister, Roxanne and younger brother, Marlon- who was suffering from a disease called Giambre syndrome. 

But despite the terrible weakness due to the illness, Julien said that Marlon always had a smile on his face and eventually survived through the awful time. 

Talking about Julien's initial days of earning, he began working as a programmer at AMP Radio. He was also a bartender, and he only started making videos on Youtube after being introduced as a career platform by his girlfriend, Jenna.