Justine Cotsonas Married And Has A Husband? Her Status Now

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Justine Cotsonas Married And Has A Husband? Her Status Now

The Greek-American actress Justine Cotsonas started her acting career in her early 20's with the series, As the World Turns. Like the title of her debut series, Justine's world has completely turned and has taken her to a new height.

The up-and-coming actress has already scored roles on the big screen alongside major Hollywood stars like the Academy Award nominee Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington in the movie Last Night.

Her professional life is an open book unlike the personal aspect of her life, but we know you are more interested in her life beyond the camera.

Addressing the same, we've dug out facts regarding her dating affairs, so keep your eyes on this article!

Justine Cotsonas' Relationship Status: Now With a Husband or a Boyfriend?

The Greek beauty, Justine Cotsonas' relationship status has been the matter of curiosity to her fans. On camera, she can be observed sharing romantic scenes with many of her he co-actors, while in real-life, her activity on her social media reflects something else.

The era where everything is dominated by the social networking sites, the actress availing the situation to the fullest to express her relationship status. Justine's Twitter account is loaded with the 'Boyfriend' tweets, which provides her followers an insight of her relationship status.

Back in 2012, she tweeted that she has a boyfriend, but it seems to be her furry Boyfriend, Max. Anybody can be touched by the love between them, reflected on the photo where her boyfriend is giving a kiss to the actress.

Caption: Justine's furry boyfriend, Max licking her face.

Source: Justine Cotsonas's Twitter

Furthermore, the actress took to Instagram, in the year 2016, to upload the drawing of her new boyfriend, with the caption, "Enzo, my new boyfriend. He's serious about anime." 


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 Unlike her furry boyfriend and the painting, this time she posted a photo, where she mentioned that she would be so lucky if he were her boyfriend.

Though Justine loves making funny comments regarding boyfriend, the actress is tight-lipped when it comes to talking about a real relationship. The actress might be secretly dating, or she could already be married to her husband, but the matter remains unclear until any revelation from her side.

Well, she is in her early thirties, and, of course, her parents must want to see her in the bridal gown as her fans do. But, it seems she is more concerned about her career, and judging by the dedication she has shown till this date, she's sure to grasp the level of success she aspires to achieve!