Katharine Isabelle Too Busy to Be Dating and Have a Boyfriend? Seems Like it

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Katharine Isabelle Too Busy to Be Dating and Have a Boyfriend? Seems Like it

While there are people who choose to stay focused on either professional or personal life, there are a few who are capable of juggling both successfully like a pro.

The former scenario can be applied to the actress Katherine Isabelle. The actress is taking her commitment to work on a whole new level by surrounding herself with work, and work only, as she is too busy even to have a boyfriend. That's right!

Let's take a look at what's keeping her occupied.

Katharine Isabelle Wiki: Too Busy to be Dating

Born in Vancouver, Canada, the 37-years-old actress landed her first acting role at the age of 5. She is very talented in her craft and is genuinely dedicated to her art.

She is widely famous for her roles in movies like Freddy vs. Jason (2003), Ginger Snaps (2000), and American Mary (2012)

The sweet and innocent looking actress has been praised for her fearless and female-driven horror roles in the latter two movies.

Caption: Katharine Isabelle in a chilling look.

Photo Credit: Tokofurniture.info.

When asked about her thoughts on that matter in an interview she expressed,

“Horror movies scare me. I don’t really watch them. I’m not a big horror genre fan. I like certain classic horror — like Alien, Jaws, The Exorcist, stuff like that.”

While her professional career is out in the open to the world, her dating affair and relationship are in utter darkness. 

Isabelle has not been linked to anyone nor rumors about her having a boyfriend have circulated. Moreover, it is not confirmed if the actress is married or single. That's a bummer!

But the actress manages to get her cuddles from her two fur babies: Apple and Spaghetti.

She is obsessed with them and often shares their pictures on her Instagram and is usually found spending her time with them.

More about Katherine Isabelle:

Katherine Isabelle was born on November 2, 1981, to parents Graeme Murray and Gail Murray. Her father is responsible for the special effects in the show The X-Files.

She is the sister of Jousha Murray who is an actor-turned-journalist. The sisters have worked together in three movies: Cold Front (1989), The Last Winter (1989), and Knight Moves (1992).

When the actress is not busy with her acting schedule, she spends most of her time with animals. 

The animal-loving vegan actress is currently busy crafting her profession, and it seems like she does not have time for a love-affair in her life.