Kathryn Bigelow: Deplored Feeling With Oscar Winning Husband! Boyfriend After Divorce?

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Kathryn Bigelow: Deplored Feeling With Oscar Winning Husband! Boyfriend After Divorce?

Kathryn Bigelow's long-ago marriage is already egregious. The Oscar-nominated director's had to end their relationship almost three decades ago.

But has Bigelow moved on from her past and is dating someone? If you crave to know the same, then keep reading below!

Does Kathryn Bigelow Have A Boyfriend After Divorce?

Going down the memory lane, Bigelow got married to Canadian filmmaker James Cameron on 17 August 1989. However, their connection did not last long, and they divorced in 1991 after being together for just a couple of years.

Bigelow filled for divorce citing irreconcilable and unhappy differences which made them impossible to live together.

Likewise, the divorce papers showed the settlement was remarkably generous to Cameron. Bigelow got the marital home, and Cameron paid the cost of her lawyers and gave her around four hundred thousand British pounds. Despite the differences in the past, the couple is now in an amicable relationship.

Besides Bigelow, Cameron had been married to four women. Cameron first got married to Sharon Willians on 14 February 1978 and ended the marriage after six years in 1984.

After a year in 1985, he got married again, this time to an American film producer Gale Anne Hurd and divorced in 1989.

Well, after his divorce with Bigelow, he again got married to an American actress Linda Hamilton on 26 July 1997 and called it quit on 16 December 1999.

One year later, i.e., on 4 June 2000, he tied the knot with the American environmental advocate, Suzy Amis.

Former husband and wife, Cameron and Bigelow at an event (nydailynews.com) 

Getting back to Bigelow, she collaborated with the writer/producer Mark Boal after her divorce with Cameron and was seemingly romantically involved during the making of 2009 best picture Oscar winner 'The Hunter Locker.'

Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal together (buzzfeed.com)

Despite minor revelations, the pair tried to keep a lid on their relationship. However, it seemed that Bigelow and Boal split during the making of 2012's best picture Oscar contender 'Zero Dark Thirty.'

Sources who know Bigelow and Boal told Buzzfeed that they were no longer together and were trying to keep it quiet as they promote 'Zero Dark Thirty.'

As for now, Bigelow has not been spotted with anyone, so she remains single in public's eyes. However, the chances of her being in a romantic association with a boyfriend in secret remain firm, but the matter remains unclear unless she comes forth to address the matter.

Kathryn Bigelow's Short WiKi-like Bio:

Bigelow was born in San Carlos, California as the only child of Ronald Elliot Bigelow, a paint factory manager, and Gertrude Kathryn, a librarian.

Bigelow attended Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, CA. She enrolled at San Francisco Art Institute in the fall of 1970 and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in December 1972. While enrolled at San Francisco Art Institute, she was accepted into the Whitney Museum of American Arts' Independent Study Program in New York City.

In Bigelow's early days in Manhattan, Bigelow teamed up with Philip Glass on a real-estate venture in which the duo personally renovated distressed apartments downtown then sold them while making a profit.

Bigelow graduated from the Columbia University, where she studied theory and criticism and earned her master's degree. She worked with the Art and Language collective and noted conceptualist Lawrence Weiner. 

While working with Art and Language, Bigelow even shot a short film, 'The Set-Up' in 1978. From then, she has directed many movies, like 'Detroit,' 'Last Days,' 'The Weight of Water,' 'Strange Days,' and many more.

Bigelow is a multiple award-winning director who has achieved multiple awards including the Oscars and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). She won the 2010's Oscar award for best direction in the film 'The Hurt Locker.' Likewise, she was also nominated for best direction in the film 'Zero Dark Thirty.' 

She also won the 2010 BAFTA Academy Award for best direction and film 'The Hurt Locker.' Likewise, she was also nominated in 2013's BAFTA  for best direction and film 'Zero Dark Thirty.'

Her involvement in various career paths has awarded her sound finances as well, which reflects in her net worth, which dwells over $40 million.

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