Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Revealed About Their Blissful Married Life After A Fairytale Wedding!

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Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Revealed About Their Blissful Married Life After A Fairytale Wedding!

The Vanderpump rules star Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz got married on August 17, 2016, at the Twenty Miles House and now three months later, they are talking excitedly about their life as a newly married couple and how it is such a ‘bliss’ for them. 


Happy 1 month Bubba! I love you! ??

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While the couple was in an interview with Enews, the couple talked about their experience on calling each other ‘husband and wife’ which was kind of new and strange for both of them but in a good way as Tom couldn’t stop saying, 

‘It feels good; I like it.’ 

He continued, 

‘It took some getting used to; it still feels strange calling her my wife; I’M PROUD!’

On the other hand, Katie feels like as if they are bragging about it, about being a newly wedded husband and wife. They are also seen having a great time in their honeymoon as Katie had posted a romantic picture of them together on her Instagram while they were spending some quality time. 

The couples who got married in front of 100 family and friends do not necessarily feel that there has been any dynamic change or impact from their marriage. She said,

 "There is an overall shift in the dynamic in a way that the pressure is off. We're just starting the rest of our lives together, and it was a long road to get here, so I think we're just kind of embracing that we've overcome so much and remain committed and in love and we're happy." 

Continuing the statement, Tom added, 

"I know marriage can be hard, and you have to work at it, but it's been easy."

The three months old bride also shared her favorite moment from the wedding which was the reception. She said,

"I remember during our reception, standing there and looking around at everyone and everything and it just felt like a fairytale." 

After that, Tom added,

"I don't use this word lightly either but [the wedding] was bliss. It was just perfect,"

Caption: Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz talking about their marriage after 3 months.