Kellita Smith Too Busy To Get Married And Have A Husband? Has A Family Of Her Own?

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Kellita Smith Too Busy To Get Married And Have A Husband? Has A Family Of Her Own?

American comedian, model, and actress, Kellita Smith is not short of fame and name in the industry as she has contributed a lot to the industry since her early days. But does this beautiful lady have a man love in her life? Is she married and has a husband in her life? How about having children, does she have a family of her own? Or is she just too occupied with her professional life? Let us find that out.

Does Kellita Have A Husband Or Children In In Her Life?

Someone who is beautiful, famous and smart lacks no attention from people around her. The same thing can be said about the ever so gorgeous Kellita as she has been able to win over a lot of hearts around the globe. But has she lost her heart to someone and is she married with her spouse? Well, thus far, there is no major evidence that she is married as she has not been publicly open about her marital life.

Maybe, she is just fully focused on her professional life and has not been married. Or else, she is not willing to disclose any crucial and private information about her marital life to the fans. 

But that does not mean that she hasn't had relationships in the past. Well, she was once linked with Mr. Chow and rumors of them dating were spread around the media and fans. 

Back in January 2013, she was famously spotted on a dinner date with Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. That added more fuel to the fire and people began speculating more. 

Caption: Kellita Smith and Mr. Chow spotted on a dinner date in Beverly Hills, January 15, 2013.

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But the two parties did not speak much about the nature of their relationship and thus, no major conclusion regarding their connection could be reached. Maybe, the two did not want to show the connection between them to the fans and the media. 

Also, for those who wonder is she has children of her own and has a family of her own, well, she does have pictures of her with a baby boy over on her Instagram and the captions are seemingly interesting too.


A mother 's love is everything

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A mother's love? Hmmmmm....


Me and pumpkin

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But all these rumors of this little boy being her child are limited to rumors until and unless she comes out and claims the kid to be her child. Till then, we might just need to wait for any sort of confirmation from her end.

A Short Bio of Kellita Smith:

Born on January 15, 1969, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Kellita Smith is an American actress, model and a comedian who is best known for her role in Fox sitcom "The Bernie Mac."

After making her debut in the industry in 1993, she won a NAACP Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1996, for her role in "No Place To Be Somebody." Some of her most successful movies are "House Party 3", "The Crossing Guard" and "Hair Show".

She has been someone who has proven that she is dedicated and she takes her works seriously which has resulted in her helping her financial life well. But still, she is yet to disclose any official statement on her net worth.