Kelsey Plum Life Stories, Her Husband Details, and Salary; Is She Gay?

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Basketball player, Kelsey Plum's asked her to go for dating. But she.....lesbian.....her also a great player of their time. Her other siblings... are also great players.
Kelsey Plum Life Stories, Her Husband Details, and Salary; Is She Gay?

Kelsey Christine Plum is an American professional basketball player for WNBA. She has won multiple awards in the span of her career.

Her professional life has been out and open for people to see, but the details of her personal life are yet to see the light as her professional life. 

We are here to uncover the most asked questions from her personal life to her career.

Wedding Bells And Family

All of the amazing athletes’ performances have been out for the world to witness. However, her love life has rarely been out to the media or the public.

Plum has been very secretive about her personal life, and she rarely shares the fun she has in her private life.

Fans have always been eager to know about the athlete’s love life and if she is married or not. To clear that question, this beautiful 26-year-old is married. 

She has been married for 5 years now. But, unfortunately, even though she took her wedding vows on February 17, 2016, we have still not seen the lucky man.

If it makes you feel any better, we do have uncovered his name. Her husband’s name is Josh. Josh and Kelsey dated since their college days.

This teenage romance surely did have a happy ending. But they are yet to welcome their little angel in this world. We cannot wait for that day to come.

As much as private Kelsey is, she still cannot stop expressing her love to her family in front of the world. The posts she shares about them on social media just go on to show how much she loves her family. Kelsey has 3 other siblings, two sisters, and a brother that she loves dearly.

As much as hard work she does, it’s only fair for her to have a happy and loving family. So we send all the good wishes for things to remain as beautiful as they are.

Is She Gay?

While there is speculation that the WNBA player is gay, it is totally untrue as far as we know.

The speculations regarding her sexuality ignited after people constantly commented how she doesn't carry herself in a “stereotypical” way a woman should.

Kelsey is not Lesbian, and even if she was, as long as she doesn't say something officially, we are not making any speculations.

Slam Dunk Career!

The athlete standing at the height of 1.80m has broken records and made a name for herself in the sports of Basketball.

While breaking records of her male athletes, she has shown the world how women can equal men if given a chance. 

Plum has been a strong advocate for women in sports. She has always been vocal about giving women a chance and making women's sports as normal as male’s.

The highlight of her career was when she was selected in 2017 to play in the WNBA game.

But this was not her first time having such a high achievement. Before this, she played for the United States national team.

The start of the 2017's season did not give Plum much success as her record was low, but in 2018 she came back stronger than ever and improved her records. 

She now holds the title of the greatest scorer in NCAA women’s basketball history and the first Pac-12 player to score 3,000 points. This record has not been made by any male or female athlete. 

Recently she questioned the NCAA for their weight room situation.

The 26-year-old receives a salary of $175,000 to play for Las Vegas Aces. With her salary and brand endorsements, we are sure her Net Worth is in the Millions.

Kelsey Plum is a perfect example of a success story that shows that not every success starts from ups as sometimes we fail, but it's all about learning and growing, and she has mastered it perfectly.