Kenny Ortega Is A Gay Man And Is Possibly Not Married! Has A God Daughter But No Kids Of His Own?

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Kenny Ortega Is A Gay Man And Is Possibly Not Married! Has A God Daughter But No Kids Of His Own?

When you come forth and call yourself a gay man, that shows the courage you have inside of you. What better way to falsify or affirm the rumors, than to yourself come forth with the reality.

Sharing the same situation is choreographer Kenny Ortega, who has come forth, calling himself a gay man. That certainly does make him a gay, but does he have a partner who he is married to? Or is he single? Similarly, we know that he has a goddaughter, but does he have any kids of his own? Lets dig in to find out.

Kenny Ortega Calls Himself A Gay: But does he have A Partner? Married?

Kenny Ortega has always been mum about his personal life, but every of his fans and followers might know that; he once called himself a gay man.

Caption: Kenny Ortega Calls Himself A Gay Published on Apr 18, 2014.

In the video above, he called himself a gay man expressing how happy he is to see heterosexual people coexisting with gays and lesbians in the industry.

Why not? After all, everyone has the right to live life their way, believing in who they are and what they stand for.

But now that we know that he is a gay man, his fans are curious to know if he is married or has a partner in his life. The answer to that is still not made clear by the man himself.

Maybe, he is single, enjoying what his career has in store for him. However, like a coin has two sides, there are likely prospects of him having a partner in life who he is not willing to shed light on.

So let us see; if he does come up with any key revelations about his personal life in the days to come.

Has A Goddaughter But Does He Have Kids of His Own?

People who follow him through every step of his life know that he has a goddaughter going by the name of Alicia Ortega.

He has maintained a low-key image of her as well, but it can be considered safe to say that his love for her is immense.


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The caption itself makes it clear that Alicia is his niece, who he took in as his goddaughter.

So, does taking Alicia in as his goddaughter mean that he has no kids of his own?

Well, thus far the man has not been open about his parenthood. Following which; no major conclusion could be reached as of now. Moreover, we might need to wait for him to come forth and reveal about his parental life.

Regardless of his parental life being under the wraps, he does seem to be a great family man, and an example of the same was seen; when he thanked all the women of his family on International Women's Day.


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In the post he shared, he thanked his Mother Madeline, his sister, Debra Lee, his Sister in Law, Shirl and his Nieces, Jennifer and Alicia. He also expressed his gratitude to the other ladies in his family, who were not pictured in the post; his niece in Law, Perla and his great nieces, Sophia and Gianna, his grandmother, Jennie.

Such splendid way to show how much importance the women withhold on this planet!

Born on April 18, 1950, in Palo Alto, California, United States, Kenny Ortega is an American choreographer and a producer, who is best known for directing "Hocus Pocus," the High School Musical trilogy, "Descendants" and late great Michael Jackson's: "This Is It" concerts.

He has also given the industry some other great projects like "Newsies" and "Red Hot Rock" and the success of which has helped his finances a great deal, which is why he is known to be enjoying a hefty net worth of $10 million.

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Kenny Ortega!