Kerri Kasem Is Well On Her Way To Get Married! That What It Looks Like From Her Dating Affair With Boyfriend

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Kerri Kasem Is Well On Her Way To Get Married! That What It Looks Like From Her Dating Affair With Boyfriend

It is rare to see a love affair that takes away the breath of the spectators themselves.

Kerri Kasem, an American radio personality, might be planning the same, as she also seems to be effortlessly working on that kind of relationship with her boyfriend.

The couple indefinitely shows what love looks like with their picture-perfect dating affair. And as we talk about picture perfect, you might just be in for a surprise.

Let us see through who the lucky stud is!

Kerri Kasem Dating A Man Who Could Possibly Be Her Future Husband!

Kerri Kasem, the 45 years old member of the Kasem family, is well on her way to get married.

Well, we’re not talking here in awry, because Kerri has put quite the show on her Instagram and Twitter that her fans cannot resist getting that ‘aww’ feeling out of their mouths.

Kerri started dating her boyfriend, Jesse Kove on December 4 of 2012. The couple has gone strong for over five years now and seems to be going stronger than ever. It’s not every day you see a love like this filling the air, right?


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We already know plenty about Kerri to give a formal professional intro into her career, but it is her potential husband, who has grabbed the attention. Kerri’s boyfriend Jesse is surely a piece of cake, and as a matter of fact, those looks are right where they belong; that is on TV screens. Surprise!

You guessed it right, Jesse Kove is a rising actor and son of a prominent personality, Martin Kove, who happens to be an actor, producer, and director. No wonder how Jesse ended up in the entertainment field as well.

Jesse, as an actor, has been involved in more than two dozens of projects till now, with many still due to hit the screen.

A Glance At Their Love Affair!

The couple started dating since 2012, and their relationship is set to hit the big five on December 4 of 2017. The couple shared pictures of each other looking smitten from time and again and just like every time, they never fail to reach relationship goals.

The power couple spends time together with each other and never misses a chance to share their moments. These pictures portray the profound love bond they share, and their fans can't wait to see them getting married!


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Don't they look perfect together?


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We can call it the pic of the year, don't you think so?

Family Drama?

With good, there comes bad, and for Kerri, it is on the family side. Kerri is the daughter of the legendary American Disc Jockey, Casey Kasem, a Lewy body dementia patient who sadly passed away on June 15, 2014, caused by a complication of ulcerated bedsores.

However, it is not with the father that all the drama was happening, it was with his wife Jean Kasem; stepmom to Kerri. Kerri always had a thing against Jean regarding her father, and that turned into a feud after her father passed away.

Kerri averred that her stepmom cheated on her dad for around two years with a man close to Kerri’s age at that time. Kerri emphatically claimed that she was cheating even while Casey laid on his deathbed.

Kerri even got a restraining order that restricted Jean from claiming Casey’s body for cremating. However, later, Kerri put down the restraining order, and Jean made all the funeral arrangements.

Kerri, now 45, shared a picture on Instagram on her father’s 3rd death anniversary, saying that she missed him advocating against abuse against the elder.


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However, she still believes that her father’s death was wrongful, and she holds Jean responsible!

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