Know Everything About Murder Nova From Street Outlaw; From His New Car To Longtime Wife

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Know Everything About Murder Nova From Street Outlaw; From His New Car To Longtime Wife

Street Outlaws is a reality show that needs no second introduction to those who live, breathe and eat speed. The show is a success, and the fans equally love the stars of the show. One of those stars is Murder Nova. Nova whose actual name is Shawn Ellington but prefers being addressed by his nickname "Murder Nova" which is also the name of his most prized car. 

But did you know that he has a new car to show to the world and on the personal side, he also is married to his long-time wife? 

Well, if you did not, you have come to the right place as today we shed some light on his new car and his beloved wife.

Murder Nova's New Car.

Those who know Murder Nova might know that his most prized car Murder Nova is a 1969 Chevy Nova, Powered by a Big Block Chevy Pro-line engine. This beast of a car pushes up to about 3,400hp. But now he has a new car to show to all his fans and ride like there is no tomorrow. 

Caption: Murder Nova of Street Outlaws talks about his new car.

Published on Feb 15, 2017.

The way he describes his new car, it is sure that the car is a beast in the regime of machines and speed lovers might have a keen interest on this beast.

Nova's Beloved Wife.

There is no denying how much Murder Nova loves his cars and speed. But in his other aspect of life where he is Shawn, he has a wife, Erin who he loves more than anything. 

Shawn is married to his long-time girlfriend now wife for more than ten years and although he is not that vocal about his love and marital life, you know he loves his wife by the way he posted their picture on the 19th marriage anniversary back in 2015. 

It is nice to see that the love between them is growing stronger with time as some of Erin's posts suggest.

Bless your love!

Murder Nova's Wiki-Like Bio.

Murder Nova, born as Shawn Ellington on November 15, 1977, in Merced, CA, USA, is a reality star who is best known for being on the show Street Outlaws. He has had quite the journey in his career involving the risk of crash and burns, but despite that, he has been known as one of the stars of the show and has acquired a lot of name and fame. 

Along with earning name and fame, he has also made money in an ample amount, but he is yet to disclose any official statement on his net worth.