Kountry Wayne's Tour Dates; Talks On His Dating Affair With Girlfriend And 8 Kids!

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Kountry Wayne's Tour Dates; Talks On His Dating Affair With Girlfriend And 8 Kids!

No doubt children are blessings who make our life lively. They not only brighten the lives of the parents but will also make them realize their responsibilities. But what if you were a father of eight children? Would you be able to look after your kids and also handle your professional life?

Most of you might freak-out right just imagining yourself surrounded by multiple kids, their mothers, and a hectic professional life.

However, you might get amazed to know that Kountry Wayne, a father of eight children, handles both his personal life and professional life like a pro. Wondering about how he got multiple children by this age? Well, stick around to find that out!

A Personal Life of Kountry that involves multiple Kids.

Kountry Wayne, who describes himself as a humble guy from a simple town, has managed to make people laugh with his wonderful humor and comic timing. Though there is no any wiki-like bio of Wayne, there are only a few individuals who have no idea about who he is.

You might know every detail about Wayne’s career, but do you know about his love life and children?

In an interview with DJ Smallz published on YouTube on July 5, 2017, Wayne pulled the curtains behind his personal life. The father of eight children, Wayne, revealed that baby no 9 is on the way.

At the age of seventeen, Wayne welcomed his first child. He had two kids by the age of eighteen, and the number of children turned to three when he was nineteen.

In the same interview, Wayne, who believes that children are a blessing, asked the teenage dads out there to take their kids as blessings rather than stressing, as kids can be a huge motivation to them.

While opening about children, Wayne accidentally revealed that he usually forgets the birthdays of his children.

Caption: Kountry Wayne talks about his eight kids from five different women revealing Baby no 9 is on the way (Published on July 5, 2017).

All the children of Wayne are from the different woman. When asked about the mothers of the kids, Wayne revealed that he shares them with five different women.

He hasn’t provided any more information about his former partners and dating life, but we came to know that he is now married to one of his girlfriends. 

Well, Wayne is married to Gena Colley, who is popular on Instagram as “realkountrygirlgena.” The pair together shares two daughters. If you follow Gena, you will get to see many pictures of the duo and their cute daughters.


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Gena is not shy at all to flaunt her love towards Wayne. On the occasion of father’s day, she shared an image of Wayne wishing him a “Happy Father’s Day.”


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Here is a picture of Wayne’s two daughters shared by Gena on her Instagram


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It must be tough for Wayne to balance both his professional life and personal life.

Wayne says that raising eight kids is difficult because of different households and different family, but he says that having multiple children have allowed him to see his future already.

These days, Wayne is more occupied and seems to have less time for his kids, as he is busy with his tours and shows.  If you want to book and buy the tickets for Wayne’s upcoming show, get hold of them here.


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No doubt Wayne has already marked his place in the entertainment world as a comedian, but we hope that he would achieve a new height of success in the days to come.

Right now, Wayne is believed to be enjoying wonderful earnings from his profession. However, his net worth remains a mystery till this date!

Stay with us for further updates on Kountry Wayne!