Kylee Evans' Age Is A Mystery But Her Married Life With Husband Isn't! Reveals How The Relationship Started

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Kylee Evans' Age Is A Mystery But Her Married Life With Husband Isn't! Reveals How The Relationship Started

People are selective about the things they feel like revealing in front of the public. Few keep some information to themselves while flaunting some other things out in the open.

"Good Witch" actress Kylee Evans also belongs to the similar category, as she has been very confidential about the personal details of her life but has never backed down or shied from flaunting her marriage with her husband on social media.

So let us see how they started this profound relationship with one another also having a glance at their blissful married life that's been blooming ahead beautifully.

The Blessed Married Life of Kylee Evans With Her Husband:

Kylee Evans is a beautiful actress, who has not been vocal about the family and her childhood. Evans has maintained such tight lip that she's even kept her fans guessing about her age.

On the contrary, though, Kylee loves flaunting her married life!  And the man lucky enough to call himself Kylee's husband is an actor/comedian, Sandy Jobin-Bevans.

Kylee is married to Sandy since 2011, but their relationship dates a long time back as the two first crossed paths back in 2004 when Evans had someone else in her life as her boyfriend.

In an interview back in Nov 2011, Kylee and Sandy recalled how they first met and how their relationship started.

Kylee revealed that she first saw Sandy during a show at Second City, where he was wearing a headband and a red skin-tight tracksuit while rapping about mortgages.

She explained it in her own words.

“I leafed through my program. I said, ‘Who is this man? I will marry him some day,’ ”

Kylee added,

“I approached him after the show, and we’ve been dating ever since.”

However, the actor corrected the Canadian actress by saying,

“We’re not dating anymore. Well, we’re super-dating.”

Indeed they were, as the couple tied the knot just a month and a half before the interview and got married to one another. 


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Moreover, the time they spend with one another is the reason why their marriage has been treading along smoothly.


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The hilarious essence between them is the cause why they have been able to blend so well. The snap Kylee shared dedicating a birthday wish for Sandy when the man reached the age of 45 shows just that!


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Hopefully, their love and togetherness will blossom even more in the days to come!

Stay with us for the emerging updates on Kylee Evans!