LaMonica Garrett Does Not Hide His Married Life With Wife! But Are They Parents Yet?

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LaMonica Garrett Does Not Hide His Married Life With Wife! But Are They Parents Yet?

The fans are never satisfied with the information they receive about their favorite celebrity.

 American actor LaMonica Garrett knows that well, as he also falls under the category of celebs, whose fans keep thriving for more.

When it comes to revealing his personal life, La Monica has adequately flaunted his married life with his wife on social media and has not kept the romantic essence between them away from anyone. 

But the thing that remains confined is the truth about their parenthood, and fans are kept guessing if they have become parents, or are still to enjoy the parental bliss.

So today, we dig in deep into the life of LaMonica to find out every missing detail of this couple.

The Love Between LaMonica Garrett & His Wife Is Immense, But Are They Parents Yet?

LaMonica Garrett has been married to his girlfriend turned wife Mina Ivanova since April 27, 2017.

Before exchanging vows, the two dated for quite a time, and their bond was more than adorable from the get-go. The fans witnessed their love through their tweets and pictures, which speaks a lot about the nature of their connection.

It was this Valentine's Day when the two got the license for their marriage.

 The excitement of their big day was evident in Mina's tweets.

The exhilaration of her preparing for the honeymoon was clear in Mina's Instagram, where she shared her wedding picture, followed by a complimenting caption.

Isn't this enough for everyone to know how perfect their relationship is? It surely is!

But are they parents yet?

Well, there is no doubt regarding the love and affection the two share, but the fans remain under shadows when it comes to the parenthood the pair.

There are rumors that the pair has a family of their own; the man has himself provided some exciting giveaways at times as to them having a child.

Although the tweet does not provide concluding evidence, it inevitably raises the curiosity of the fans!

 Adding more to those curiosities is this family picture of them with a girl, whose identity is yet to uncover.

No official word has come forth from the Garrett camp, so the matter remains a mystery till this date.

However, keeping aside the parental queries, what LaMonica's relationship with his wife does is, it debunks all the gay rumors that often surround the celebrities.

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