Lauren Przybyl Wiki: Her Married Life With Husband, Post-Pregnant Story and Possibly Her Age

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Lauren Przybyl Wiki: Her Married Life With Husband, Post-Pregnant Story and Possibly Her Age

Fox journalist Lauren Przybyl is an accomplished journalist and has created her place in the heart of her audience. People know her as a journalist, so it is obvious to have curiosity regarding her personal life.

So for those who are eager to know about her personal life, we would like to discuss her life in a short wiki-like bio, which includes her married life with her husband along with her motherhood.

So let us get going!

A Short Wiki-Like Bio of Lauren Przybyl- Everything You'd Like To Know:

Lauren Przybyl has anchored for television stations based in Abilene and Albuquerque and has also made several appearances on CNN, Today Show, The Weather Channel and MSNBC.

She is someone who has been nothing short of spectacular in her career as a journalist, following which, she inevitably gets paid a healthy salary. It must have helped her accumulate a hefty net worth, which she is yet to disclose publicly.

While she has been doing great in her career, she has been adamant about not being open when it comes to her personal life, including her age and her birthday. 

But what we can tell you is that she was born and raised in North Texas, a place where she graduated from Grapevine High School. She later attended the Baylor University, where she majored in Journalism and minored in Biology.

Lauren is an avid animal lover, and she is said to have wanted to become a marine biologist. But that was not to happen, as she was introduced to the news business by a professor and is hooked to it ever since.

However, she is not just a professionally successful woman, as she is an equally loving wife and mother. She has been enjoying her family life with her fiance turned husband, Shane Miller.

They are leading a happy married life since late 2012. The couple shares two kids together, daughter Landry Elizabeth (b. in April 2013) and son Beck Matthew (b. October 2016).

Lauren expresses her love for her husband and children through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

On the occasion of her daughter's birthday, Lauren wished her through Twitter,

Not only that, the way she wished her husband on Father's day is a prime example of how the family is adorable and close knit.

But while Lauren has been enjoying her life with her family, one thing which she will never forget is- the complications she went through when she had her son in her womb.

Her son Beck was born six weeks early during an emergency c-section, as she suffered from a symptom which the medical experts termed as "HELLP Syndrom." 

She interviewed Dr. Hampton Richard who delivered her son and discussed her post-pregnancy life too. Additionally, she shared what it was like to have her life threatening pregnancy complication like the HELLP Syndrome.

Caption: The HELLP Syndrome: Lauren Przybyl's Story.

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In the video, she also helped the expecting mothers to stay aware of some facts as the HELLP syndrome is difficult to detect.

But she and her baby boy were strong enough to come out of such challenging phase unscathed. Further, she shared her story on- how it was like to face such threats?


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Lauren and her family thanked everyone for their supports and prayers.

Now her son is doing great and is one of the prime reasons for Lauren's happiness.

 We would like to wish the family the very best and hope that the loves just keeps getting stronger between them!

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