Is Leanne Best Married? The Actress Too Focused On Career Or Just Hiding Her Partner?

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Is Leanne Best Married? The Actress Too Focused On Career Or Just Hiding Her Partner?

Getting into the marital relationship is one of the major decision one takes in life! And it is always best to get married when you are emotionally prepared and convinced to enter into the new dimension; rather than any other reason.

Everyone has their own take on marriage, and Actress Leanne Best is not different. For Leanne, its the relationship of her parents that seems to have made an impression on her opinion.

But, is Leanne married? If no, what are her thoughts on marriage and children? Let's dig in to find out!

Is Leanne Best Married?

It’s a personal choice; either to share your romantic unions with your fans or to conceal it. Actress Leanne Best has chosen to the seal the details, leaving her fans oblivious to the matter.

However, as per the reports on September 2016, Leanne is happily single and resides in a flat in London. Leanne admitted that she is a daddy’s girl and when asked; if she is attracted to men who have qualities similar to her father, she said,

Well, I suppose I might be slightly predisposed to mildly unconventional men. And I do find his quality of “just be yourself and do your own thing” attractive. But probably what I’d mostly want in a relationship is the laughter my parents still have between them. It’s the sound I always hear when I go home.’

Leanne even expressed the uncertainty of being a grown-up person after even having children.

'Personally, I look forward to the day when I can say, “Guys, I’m a grown-up now. I’m ‘adulting’ the s**t out of this situation and it’s brilliant!” But when’s that going to happen? Never, I suspect. We’re all still figuring it out, aren’t we? And that’s what makes us interesting.’

But since its already been one-year of her being interviewed, things could have changed; it’s possible that she is dating her boyfriend secretly far away from the reach of the media. But, while Leanne hesitates to speak about her love affair with a partner, one can only wonder until the lady comes forward and talks about the matter.

As Leanne said, her career remains her priority; it seems that there is still time for Leanne to walk down the aisle as a bride and exchange wedding wows to experience a conjugal life with her husband.

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As we all know, one of the most special bonds one share is with their siblings. Leanne, who is 37 by age, shares a profound relationship with her identical twin sister, Sarah. She fondly talked about her sister in an interview back in September 2016.

‘It is a unique relationship: we’ve borne witness to each other’s lives from the womb onwards. We talk a million times a day. And we do have a spooky connection. I’ll pick up the phone to call her and she’s already ringing me. It’s quite weird.

When you have an identical twin, then fans are bound to get mistaken, and Leanne also had a funny incident to share,

‘It’s been funny recently, with so many of my roles coming out together (other TV work this year has included Line of Duty, Undercover and Home Fires), because Sarah gets mistaken for me all the time. It’s good because she’s normally so much better turned out than I am!’ Sarah works on the other side of the camera, as a script developer, and being part of the same professional world adds to their relationship. ‘In short, Sarah’s my best friend,’

Sometimes when she feels broody, she spends time with her a six-year-old niece, who is the daughter of her twin sister Sarah. She confessed that she cherishes the time with a kid, as an aunt, because she wants the freedom to enjoy her career.

‘I was at a school bake sale with her the other day, thinking, “Wow, kids are great, aren’t they?” But, at the same time, there’s an element of me saying, “Gorgeous, gorgeous…” while handing them back. I’m great for a sleepover and I’m widely known by my niece and my friends’ children as Fun Aunty Lou-Lou. Right now, though, my career’s coming together and I want the freedom to enjoy it. That said, I believe that sometimes you just have to throw an idea at the wall and see what sticks. You can’t over-plan your life.’

Leane even mentioned her in one of her tweets back in June 2015.

Besides Sarah, Leanne has a younger brother, Roag Junior and younger sister, India.

Talking about her career, Leanne is best known for her performances in 'Ripper Street' (2013), 'Fortitude' (2015), 'The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death' (2014). Leanne’s acting projects of 2017 include 'Tin Star,' 'Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool,' 'Babs,' 'Cotton Wool' and 'The Good Karma Hospital.'

Moreover, she appeared in UK television series including Doctors (2011), Casualty (2004), Shetland (2014), Line of Duty (2015), New Tricks (2014) and Home Fires (2015).