Leigh Diffey Not Gay But Married: Family Details

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Leigh Diffey Not Gay But Married: Family Details

The American-Australian commentator, Leigh Diffey is not a new name to the sports commentation world. Whether it's an Olympics sport or racing track event, he already had made his skills known to the audience and the sports community. 

However, it's a little different in case of Leigh Diffey's married life. 

So, why don't you focus down on our article to know about the love story behind Leigh Diffey's marriage? 

Leigh Diffey's Married Life And Family

The Sportscaster, Leigh Diffey first met his wife, Michaela dressed as Barney Rubble at Michaele’s best friend house on 2005’s New Year Day. The two even went on a one-day long boat ride to a remote island with their friends and talked for long.  

In an interview with townvibe.com on February 2018, Leigh recalled his first meeting with his wife saying, 

“She was so easy to talk to and I couldn’t stop looking at her. We spent two full days together. You can get a lot of talking in two full days.”

Michaela also explained that she knew from the start that she was destined to spend her life with Leigh saying, 

“I knew I was destined to spend my life with Barney Rubble. He has a genuine sense of humor and is such a quality person.”

As Leigh used to be in Sydney or traveling for work, he started a long distance relationship with Michaela who was on the Gold Coast. In about two years of their first meeting, they got married on the same remote island, which they went on their first meeting in 2006. 

Leigh also celebrated his ten years of marriage anniversary on 17 October 2016 by stating his wife an angel via a tweet

Leigh Diffey, his wife, Michaela Diffey on their 10th marriage anniversary ( Photo: Leigh Diffey's Twitter)

Well, many single people would like to date this man, but the possibility seems to be slim as he is living a happy married life with a family of four. The father of two sons frequently talks about his children on his social media. On 2 October 2017, he shared the image of his two sons via Instagram and also he mentioned his eldest son and his school via a tweet on 25 February 2018. 

Leigh Diffey is a married man, who shares two sons with his wife, which definitely rules out the chances of him being gay. Plus he has not shown any clues or hints that he is gay. So, it would be safe to rule out Leigh as a gay unless he has something shocking under his sleeve that proves him as a gay. 

Apart from his personal life, Leigh is best known for his work on the show, NASCAR America. Leigh, who began his career after commentating motorcycle races in Australia before moving to the United Kingdom. He had also commentated on the rowing sport at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro and the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang. 

With many commentating jobs like that of NBC Sports’ Formula 1IndyCar, and NASCAR under his portfolio, Leigh enjoys handsome salary which indeed must have helped him accumulate an estimated net worth of $850,000.