Les Stroud Survives! Also Has Experience Of Rough Time With Wife And Son

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Les Stroud Survives!  Also Has Experience Of Rough Time With Wife And Son

Survivorman Les Stroud has a share of rough times on his life, from coming alive out of the most dangerous accident to divorce with wife to son’s disease. 

Les Stroud's Tragedies: One after the Other

Stroud’s bad times started after he and his wife Susan Jamison Stroud started having major differences in their marriage life, leading to divorce.

Les got married to Susan in 1994, with whom he shares two children, Raylan and Logan Stroud. After marriage, Les even transformed their one-year-long honeymoon period in the award-winning documentary Snowshoes and Solitude in the remote area of Ontario. However, the story did not head towards a happy ending as their relationship suffered a split in late 2008. 

Further, on July 10, 2015, Stroud nearly died in a major car crash in Mongolia. While he was traveling in Toyota Land Cruiser with the other three crew members, the vehicle 

He explained the incident as

“I and the other three who were in the car are lucky to be alive and a million people have it a lot worse off than I do right now - so I feel like a... complaining but thought I would give a little update - all this said - this hurts like hell!” 

Les was diagnosed with torn chest muscles, broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, and a punctured lung.

Besides, Stroud’s son, Logan, was diagnosed with leukemia, resulting in six months in the hospital. The father-son duo also has a survivor show together called Survivorman & Son.

Stroud with his son, Logan (Source- Pinterest

Stroud shared the experience of filming a show with his son to FOX411, where he stated-  

If I’m being very honest, it did take on a much deeper connotation for me. For me it has been 15 years of ‘Survivorman’ and so to have Logan with me after what we had just been through, barely 18 months ago, it creates something so impactful, something more meaningful to me.

No Limit to Les' Skills:

Best known for the survival genre of the reality TV show Survivorman, Les is the leading figure in the survivalist culture as a no-nonsense explorer. Despite all the tragedies, he stands as a real survivor deflecting all kinds of troubles. 

Les’s recycling skills are equally outstanding as his unique skill set is used every time in his survivor series. He devoted a whole show named Off the Grid with Les Stroud to this skill, refitting a property into the old farmhouse with solar and wind power, a rain catcher, and other minor adjustments.

Adding to his other talents, he is a successful musician as well. The Survivorman star possesses the graduation honor from Fanshawe College in London in music. From his career, Stroud has a good-looking net worth of $5.5 million. 

As of 2021, Stroud is working on a new show called Les Stroud's Wild Harvest, the first episode aired on October 1st, 2020.