Openly Lesbian CNN Commentator Sally Kohn Wants Her Kid To Be Gay Too!

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Openly Lesbian CNN Commentator Sally Kohn Wants Her Kid To Be Gay Too!

For a child, no one can think better for them more like their parents. Well, every parent wants their children to be happy for which they want their children to follow their footsteps. Likewise, CNN political commentator Sally Kohn also wants her daughter to follow her path.

An openly gay political commentator Sally Kohn who is in relation with a philanthropist Sarah Hansen is raising their six-years-old girl. Kohn is very outspoken in nature and has openly mentioned about her expectations with her daughter which has made everyone stunned. Let's find out what is Kohn's expectations from her daughter.

Gay Mom Wants Her Daughter to be Gay Too:

Unlike other parents, Sally Kohn, 37-year-old gay mom is very open about sexuality. She’s got her own preference for her daughter. Talking about her ‘preference’, She has given liberty to her daughter regarding sexuality preference.

This ‘butch lesbian’ is used to creating controversies. On her post on’ The Washington Post’ which went live on 2 February 2016 has created lots of Buzz in the air on which she has mentioned,

” I live in the liberal bubble of Park Slope, Brooklyn, where no yuppie would ever admit to wanting their kid to be anything in particular, other than happy.”

 She asserted,

”If we went to college, we want our kids to go to college.If we like sports, we want our kids to like sports.If we vote Democrat, of course, we want our kids to vote Democrat.”

Was it anywhere different with the straight parents? Of course not, right?

Talking about Kohn’s sexuality precisely, this open-minded gay mom had accepted the fact of herself being a gay as a gift, as she mentioned her parents were very supportive from the very first. That might be the reason she openly said,

” I’m a gay. I want my kids to be gay too.”

Kohn always has been open about her sexuality. From the above statements, we are very much clear about her expectations with her kid.

Despite the fact that her family was immensely supportive she also agreed that it is an easier life for the straight people than that of the gay one. She said,

”if my daughter is gay, she undoubtedly face challenges and hurdles she wouldn’t encounter if she were straight.”

There are challenges and competition everywhere on today’s date. It seems like she wants challenges on her daughter’s life, wants her to tackle the hurdles of life and come out even stronger. 

"If my daughter is gay, I don't worry about her having a hard life.But i do worry about people expecting her to have a hard life-helping to perpetuate discrimination that might otherwise fade more quickly."

Kohn and Sarah have made sure that her daughter has got every information when it comes to gay families. They show her the picture of the gay families. Kohn said,

”When my daughter plays house with her stuffed koala bears as the mom and dad, we gently remind her that they could be a dad and dad. Sometimes she changes her narrative. Sometimes she doesn’t. It’s her choice.”

She further added,

”All I ultimately care about is that she has the choice and whatever choice she makes is enthusiastically and celebrated.”

She emphasized,

"I want my daughter to know that being gay is equally desirable to being straight."

She has given liberty to her daughter and made sure that no matter whatever choice she makes, that will always be appreciated.

Kohn contended on the same post,

” it doesn’t look like my 6-year-old daughter is gay. In fact, she’s boy crazy. 

Well! She has given her daughter a choice regarding sexuality, and it is a very rare thing that we will be seeing.

In 2010, Kohn uploaded a video of her precocious daughter in which Willa, her daughter was explaining about 'Bush tax cuts.'


Caption: Very intelligent Willa, explaining about 'Bush Tax Cuts.'(2010)

From one of her tweet, we can figure it out, how much she is into her daughter and partner.


Family of the ????

A photo posted by Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) on

Caption: A day out of Kohn with her partner Sarah Hansen and daughter, Willa Hansen-Kohn.

Coming back to the ‘gay kid’ statement of Sally, everyone was flattered her friend too as she has mentioned in her post. It is not hard for us to believe that she actually said. 

Because of course, we want our children to be ‘that’ what had made us happy. We can see how much Kohn is into her parenting. She knows what is better for her daughter so that she can come out as the best-fitted one in this competitive world.

More about Sally and her Partner:

Talking about Sarah Hansen and SallyKohn, they first met at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, in Brazil (2003). They are living together on today’s date but being precise about the marriage thing; they might be planning to get married as same-sex marriage is legalized. But for now, they are raising their six years old adopted children, Willa Hansen-Kohn.

Sally is a liberal political commentator, who has appeared on CNN and MSNBC, community organizer and founder and chief executive officer of  Movement Vision Lab.With her hands all over these fields, still her net worth story; unfolds one.

To make the relationship lite and refreshing, the couple did spend quality time together. On October this year, Kohn posted on tweeted and also posted about their date.


Date night with @hansen_sarah -- waiting to see Vieux Farka Toure!!!!

A photo posted by Sally Kohn (@sallykohn) on

Caption: Kohn is sharing a smile with Sarah on Toure on their date night.

After a decade of their relation, they are taking care of their six-years-old daughter now.Soon, we might also get the news of them getting married.Don't know about the sexuality but let's hope they are able to raise their daughter as per their will and make their kid a successful woman as these gay moms are now.