Leslie Knipfing: Kevin James And Gary Valentine as Siblings, But Not in Limelight: False Identity in Tabloids

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Leslie Knipfing: Kevin James And Gary Valentine as Siblings, But Not in Limelight: False Identity in Tabloids

Well, the news of Leslie Knipfing, Kevin James, and Gary Valentines has been splashed out. But the major chaos arising is the real truth hidden behind the news. Is it true? Or is it just a tabloid to be in publicity? Yes, today we are covering the article on Leslie, Kevin, and Gary and disclose the real truth for their good-wishers.

What was the False Tabloid? Confusion or Contradiction?

The media had sparked the rumor of Leslie Bibb to be the sibling of Kevin James and Gary Valentine. The actress had worked with Kevin James in the movie Zoo Keeper (2011). Thus, the confusion in the name might have created a tabloid.

Are they real Siblings? If yes, why is she away from the Limelight?

Leslie Knipfing is the sister of famous American Actor Kevin George Knipfing popular known as Kevin James and Gary Knipfing popularly known as Gary Valentine. She is the third child of Kevin James and Gary Valentine.  Even though the two brothers are a famous face for the television, their sister seems to be away from the limelight.

Leslie has been suffering from an eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. Even though the beautiful lady dreamt of being an actress due to the disease, she has not been able to pursue it. The disease has not only affected her dreams but also causing an obstruction on her present work. She has even frequently worked with her brother James to raise fund for the people suffering from eye disease, HIV, and Cancer.

Is she Married or Single?

Leslie has kept a low profile of her life. Even though her brothers are a famous media personality, she is an honorable person to the ones who actually know her.  She has not indulged herself in any of the social networking therefore we are unable to know about her boyfriend, marriage or divorce.

Well, some speculation states her to be single and busy in her charity works while some states she to be a woman happily married. As she is not seen in any of the events, no information of her personal life can be actually obtained. Even her brothers have preferred to keep her away from scandals and media attention.  

Well, we can only pray for the speedy recovery of the lady and hope she can accomplish her dream of being an actress.