Lil Duval Jokingly Says He Don't Like Dating But Says What Kind Of Girlfriend He Would Want

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Lil Duval Jokingly Says He Don't Like Dating But Says What Kind Of Girlfriend He Would Want

Stand up comedy is something that a lot of people enjoy watching. One name that strikes the mind of individuals when people hear the word 'stand-up comedy' is Lil Duval.

Duval is someone who has cemented a firm place in the field of stand-up comedy which is why people love watching him perform. But what does this man put up with when it comes to his dating life? Does he have a girlfriend? If not what type of women does he like? Let us find out!

Is Duval Dating Anyone And What Kind Of Women He Like? 

Duval has been on the thick of things when it comes to making people cry of laughter with all his humor. But does this man have a girlfriend in his life? Well, if you have watched him closely, he once revealed (jokingly) that he does not like dating. Maybe he was telling the truth, but only he can make it clear. 

Caption: Lil Duval reveals that he despises dating. (Published on Aug 22, 2013)

Moreover, a tweet from him shows that he possibly is single but has dated in the past.

Despite being single, he has somewhat disclosed what kind of women he likes.

Duval revealing what kind of women he likes somewhat eliminates the gay rumors that surround him because of his silence regarding his dating life.

Now that the gay rumors subside for good, other possibilities arise that includes him being too busy with his career and touring which is why he wants no strings attached to him. So let us wait and hope for him to open up about his love life.

Speaking of touring, the comedian has got some shows stacked up, and if you are willing to laugh your tears off, well you might as well catch him at a venue near you.

Born on June 12, 1977, in Jacksonville, Florida, United States, Lil Duval is an American stand-up comedian who is also a series regular in shows like "Guy Code" and "Hip Hop Squares." Back in 2005, Duval reached the semi-finals of the hit comedy competition, BET's "Coming to the Stage" and that was the stepping stone for what later turned out to be a successful comic career for him. 

He is great when it comes to his profession, which is why people love paying to see him making them roll on the floor laughing. As a result of the love of his fans and the hard work he has put in his career, he boasts an incredible net worth of $1.5 million.