Lili Taylor Wants To Save The Planet

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Lili Taylor Wants To Save The Planet

Lili Taylor Wants To Save The Planet

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"Most people go to the top of the Empire State Building to look down. But I go to look up. -Lili Taylor"

Golden Globe Award Winning actress, Lili Taylor, is fond of bird watching, we all know that. In any case, did you know how genuine she is with regards to sparing the planet?

In the 2015 interview with Entertainment Scoop during the Annual Gala Dinner facilitated by The National Audubon Society, she uncovered  that she has been birding for about 5 to 6 years. If you aren't aware, The National Audubon Society is a non-profit conservation centered environmental organization.

When asked to give a message to edify the non-interested people on the significance  of birding and the organization like Audubon, she said:

"Nature is the gateway drug. And if we sort of open up to it, we will not only see the bird but get the different experience. We can know that it is bigger than us.”

Known for her  waitress role "Jojo Barbosa" in the movie Mystic Pizza, Taylor emphasized on protecting the planet during the interview. Given her busy schedule, 49 years old American actress makes herself free for birding. Recently, she is busy acting in the popular series, American Crime.

Impressively, she has been appreciated for her work in American Crime from her colleagues including her co-star, Regina King.

Anyway, this is not the first time, an actor or an actress emphasized on saving the planet. Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio, focused his entire Oscar award winning speech on saving the earth.

Likewise, Taylor had mentioned about birdwatching earlier to New York Times as well.  While answering a question she had then said:

"What can these creatures, perfected by millions of years of evolution, teach me? Their resilience, endurance and tenacity is stunning."

Furthermore, she is also an active member of the American Birding Association

"It’s sort of based on that. It’s 16 inches tall – it’s big – and it's black with a huge red flaming crest, like a crown, on its head and a huge beak and it makes a really wild sound; it's gorgeous. It sounds like someone’s hammering in the woods when you hear it, they’re digging so deep for insects. My favourite bird, that I haven’t seen but I really want to see, is the albatross. What I like about them, and about pelagic birds generally, is that they live on the sea. They only go on land to breed and I’m just in awe that they can do it, that they can live on the sea for 90% of their lives, in the most tough, difficult landscape.

I love watching birds because it takes me out of myself, because it's something bigger than me that’s happening – my life can feel small. Let’s say on my lunch break in the park, I can look up and I can see a whole other world that’s happening, a whole struggle. I might see a hawk that’s coming in and trying to catch a little chickity or a sparrow. They have these birding apps, there's a tonne of them, and you can find out what’s near you, so I always see if there’s a pileated woodpecker near me and I try to go find it."

-Lili Taylor in an interview