Does Lina Esco Have Dating Affairs or A Boyfriend? Girl Who Campaigns For Equality Single and Busy?

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Does Lina Esco Have Dating Affairs or A Boyfriend? Girl Who Campaigns For Equality Single and Busy?

Only a few celebrities like talking about their personal life to the media. However, being a prestigious figure, a person will grab several attentions towards their professional as well as personal life.  But the details regarding love life is something that most of the celebrities wants to keep away from their professional life.

The gorgeous and talented Lina Esco, who gained the fame as the director and founder of “Free The Nipple” is one of those celebrities, who have protected the information of her love life.

But today, we reveal about her hidden personal life and find out whether Lina has any dating affairs or prefers remaining single.

Single Or Is Enjoying A Blissful Relation With A Secret Boyfriend?

Whenever we see a gorgeous lady on screen, the first question that strikes in our mind is whether she is single or not?

There must be many people out there who are curious about thirty-two-years old Lina’s relationship status. Besides being active in the film industry since 2005, Lina has not yet opened about her love life; neither has she flaunted it on social medias.

Though Lina is not witnessed with any guy in the public who could be guessed as her boyfriend, we can’t believe her to be single. After all, who wouldn’t love to date this gorgeous lady?

Well, Lina might be enjoying a low-key relationship, since there are no any rumors about her affair and link-ups.

Lina’s Campaigns For Gender Equality:

No doubt, Lina is busy inclining her career and her personal life seems to be overshadowed while she is making her way towards a new height of success. If you have been following Lina since a very long time, then you must have known about her campaigns for equality. 

The actress with American ethnicity Lina, who is actively involved in women’s rights, directed a feature film called “Free The Nipple” in 2012, which was released later in 2014. The movie is about feminism and censorship where the cast goes topless.

In the same year, she started a campaign called Free The Nipple to promote sexual equality. Her campaign was also supported by the celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Courtney Love, and Cara Delevingne.

Talking about the movie and the campaign to TIME in September 2015, Lina said women should have same rights as men. She explained -

“I came up with “free the nipple” because it’s engaging and funny—and the fuel we needed to start a serious dialogue about gender equality. The shaming of the female nipple is a direct reflection of how unevolved this puritanical country is. You can pay to see women topless in adult videos and strip clubs, but the moment a woman owns her body, it’s shameful.”

Furthermore, she said-

“Women should be able to do what they want with their bodies. In some states, women can get jailed or fined for being topless. If it becomes legal to show your nipples in public, do you honestly think all women are going to run around topless? “Free the nipple” is simply about having the choice.”

Born to strict Catholic parents back on May 14, 1985, Lina further stated that it was hard and scary to go topless in New York City, although it was the most liberating thing.