NCIS' Linda Hunt a Wife to Someone? The Life of Actress With Her Young Companion

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NCIS' Linda Hunt a Wife to Someone? The Life of Actress With Her Young Companion

When you're in love, nothing really matters. Age becomes just a number and time just flies. 70-year-old Linda Hunt and her 64-year-old spouse Karen can explain that to you better; they have been together for 22 years, and time just seems to have stopped for them!

But how did they come to be? Let’s gain a glimpse of their life to find out!

Linda Hunt's Relationship: A Lifelong Bliss

Karen Klein, who also happens to be Linda’s psychotherapist and wife, has been living together In Los Angeles since 1987. They fell in love with each other when the same-gender relationship was considered spacious.  

The couple shared their vows, sealing their 22 years long relationship. Linda got married to Karen Klein, who happens to be six years younger than Linda, and cracking a joke about the same in an interview, Linda stated:

"Karen's six years younger, but I forgive her daily."

Like many celebrities, Linda and Karen also have their residence in the luxurious state of Hollywood. The couple shares a 1919 bungalow with their three adorable dogs.

Caption: Linda and her wife Karen caught being cozy with their two fur babies.

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Linda, who plays as Hetty Lange in the season premiere of "NCIS: Los Angeles," revealed that she uses her guest house to practice lines. Further speculating about her house, Linda expressed,

"This house has whimsy and a special kind of elegance," said Hunt, an Oscar-winning actress. "It's welcoming."

Linda made her debut in movies through Robert Altman’s "Popeye" Because of her challenging roles and admirable performances in movies and the television show, she has been able to bag a handful of nominees and awards till date.

Having said so, the veteran actress, who suffers from hypo-pituitary dwarfism, made it down to history in 1984 when she won an Oscar for her supporting role in 'The Years Of Living Dangerously,' where she has portrayed an opposite gender for her role as male photographer Billy Kwan.

Caption: Linda Hunt portrayed as a Chinese-Australian photographer for "The Year of Living Dangerously."

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Linda surpassed her fellow nominees and won herself the esteemed award and a huge round of applause from the audience. Her acceptance speech was commendable as well!

Caption: Linda Hunt's Oscar-winning speech(Published:1984)

Linda Hunt's Bio:

Despite the wee height of 4 feet 9 inch, Linda Hunt has been able to woo everyone with her versatility. 

Caption: Linda Hunt poses for the camera.

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The "Waiting For The Moon" actress has not only been in great movies and television shows but was also the voice of radio due to her peculiar voice(deep and husky).

She has proven to be a successful actress and is among few stars who represent LBGT community fearlessly and proudly. The ingenious performer has not made any announcement about her retirement yet, and everyone is looking forward to witnessing her bold and commendable performance in future as well!