The Correspondent Who Is Already Married And Has A Son With Husband Hides Minimal Stuff - Like Her Age

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The Correspondent Who Is Already Married And Has A Son With Husband Hides Minimal Stuff - Like Her Age

We have encountered a number of correspondents who are opposite to what their profession requires them to do. Apart from conveying the news and information to the viewers, correspondents are mum when it comes to talking about their own lives.

Troy Roberts and Elise Labott are the perfect examples of the statement above. Another journalist who we'll be adding to that list is the former CNN correspondent Lisa Desjardins, who has been keeping the details of her personal life little hush-hush.

However, it has come to light that Lisa Desjardins is already married and has a son with her husband. So, let's take a peek at the life of this low-key journalist and get acquainted with her family in detail.

Lisa Desjardins’ Low-Key Personal Life:

Many people refuse to attain limelight by talking about their personal life and flaunting their private issues. Lisa seems to be one of them, as she has provided limited information about her life apart from her professional career.

However, it has been discovered that Lisa is a married woman; she got married to her boyfriend, Jason Desjardins on October 6, 2007. 

Though Lisa has been sharing pictures with her husband, she hasn’t revealed more about their relationship. But do you know that this pair is already parents to a son?

The couple welcomed their son, Max Desjardins in March of 2016. Lisa had shared the news of the arrival of Max through her Twitter.

On the same day, she shared another picture with her husband and their son, revealing full name of the new family member. She announced that they named their baby boy after their beloved grandfather, Maximo Maurice.

Though Lisa doesn’t talk much about her family life, it is evident that she is blessed with a loving husband and a cute little son, who completes their family.

Apart from a delightful married life, Lisa enjoys a prolific career as well. The former off-air reporter for CNN Lisa currently works on PBS NewsHour as a correspondent. Lisa, the graduate of Northwestern University, also worked at CNN, CNN Radio, WIS-TV, and Associated Press.

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