Logan Moreau Wiki: Everything There is to Know! From Age to His Career Status Now

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Logan Moreau Wiki: Everything There is to Know! From Age to His Career Status Now

As famously quoted, "age is just a number," one of the youngest actors in Hollywood, Logan Moreau, can explain the phrase to you better, as to why you don't need to be of a certain age to flaunt your God-given talents. At just the age of six, Logan has already earned himself a name under a list of successful child actors for his appearance in Disney's 'Good Luck Charlie.'

So, today, let's get familiar with everything there is to know about the adorable young actor in his wiki-like bio! 

Introducing You To Logan Moreau

Child actor, Logan Moreau was born on January 27, 2012, in Los Angeles, California and the first ever word he spoke was "Kitty." Although there aren't many details on his parents, according to some sources, they are of Spanish origin. Logan likes to play Peek-a-Boo with his father and play with cars and wrestling is his favorite too. He also enjoys visiting aquariums and looking at sea creatures. Moreover, Logan's parents are the ones who actively manages his social media like Twitter and Facebook.

When it comes to his siblings, he has an older brother named Gabe, a younger sister whose name remains confined to the family. On November 7, 2015, a fan account shared a picture of Logan with his sister on Instagram providing the glimpse of the siblings together.


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Additionally, when it comes to the initiation of his career, Logan landed his first role as 'Toby Duncan' on Disney's "Good Luck Charlie' after just a few months of celebrating his first birthday. During the third season of the series, he replaced a child actor, Jake Cinoa, who initially had the same role of 'Toby Duncan.' Slowly, the reason for the replacement came to light; that Jake was not growing up fast enough for the show. However, the decision worked in favor for the production team as the audience loved Logan even more. 

Logan Moreau in 'Good Luck Charlie' (Photo: thefamouspeople.com)

Logan started to gain massive popularity as the youngest Duncan sibling, in the series, 'Good Luck Charlie.' His innocent appearance and charming smile, have made him successful in winning the hearts amid his large fan following. However, after the show's fourth season, the series was shut down by the producers in 2014 without disclosing the reason. 

Meanwhile, Logan continued with his acting in other TV shows including Jessie and Bones (2013), the same year; Logan played the role of 'Michael Vincent Hodgins' on the TV series, 'Bones.' 

Furthermore, he also made an appearance in an episode of 'Team Umizoomi,' which is an educational animated series for preschoolers on Nickelodeon. As a result, Logan must have earned a decent amount of net worth, but it remains undisclosed to the media. 

As of now, it hasn't been disclosed if Logan has upcoming projects; however, his fans will patiently be waiting for him to be back on the screen.