Lola Kirke Is Dating! Her Affair With Boyfriend is Melting Hearts

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Lola Kirke Is Dating! Her Affair With Boyfriend is Melting Hearts Well, this time 'Mozart in the Jungle' actress Lola Kirke is the one who is giving us a lovey-dovey scenario. The beautiful actress Lola Kirke, who has made herself known in the entertainment world through her acting endowments is now so in love and is not backing down in mesmerizing us through her Instagram updates.
Lola Kirke Is Dating! Her Affair With Boyfriend is Melting Hearts

Watching couples be in love and grow closer to each other is indeed very pleasuring, and when our favorite celebrities go through such like scenario, it's more beautiful.

Well, this time Lola Kirke is the one going via such lovey-dovey things.  The beautiful actress Lola Kirke, who has made herself known in the entertainment world through her acting endowments is now in so love and is mesmerizing her fans through her Instagram updates.

So, today let's have a look at the relationship of this actress and wow ourselves with her love-life.

Lola Kirke’s love-filled life!

The beautiful actress Lola Kirke is found having an adorable relationship behind the cameras with her boyfriend, Wyndham Boylan-Garnett. Like everybody has a way of sharing out their love-life, Lola has her own. She time and again shows out her love towards her bae via the pictures she uploads on her Instagram account ‘Lolakirke.’


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Lola who is usually found sharing her private pictures doesn't look to hesitate while sharing the intimate image of her new bae as well. On 15 February 2017, she Instagrammed a photo of her boyfriend on his birthday suit and captioned it the picture with three magical words, "I Love You."

Back, in 2016, She also shared a romantic picture with her boyfriend and said that she was proud of her babe for releasing out his EP.


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Through her tag, it came to light that her boyfriend is a musician and also a photographer and has an Instagram account with the name 'justwyndham.'

Her partner too timely shares the picture of the actress letting their fans know about their relationship status. Previously on 6th November 2017, He shared a photo of Lola being at the top of  Mt. Tarumae, a supremely active Volcano in Hokkaido, Japan and gushed about her music in the caption.


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The pictures that the love-birds share on their Instagram account hints that the couple is spending quality time together and are happy with their love relationship. Their romantic affair undoubtedly awes their followers.

Lola who is entirely in love with her boyfriend now was once rumored to be dating Tom Cruise. Lola and Tom were together in Atlanta while filming the thriller "Mena," and at the time the duos were thought to have been very close. However, snapping the rumor away, Lola in an interview said, that it was impossible to have an affair with Tom.

“Oh, me and Tom Cruise? It’s as believable as saying ‘I’m the first woman to land on Mars."

Lola is not yet related to any other men regarding her love affairs, and it seems like the actress has finally found her Mr.right with whom she shares a happy relationship.

More To Know About; Lola Kirke's Bio!

Lola Kirke was born on September 27, 1990, in Westminster, England to her parents  Lorraine and Simon Kirke. her mother Lorraine is the owner of the vintage boutique in New York City that supplied some outfits for the television series Sex and the City (1998) whereas her father is the former drummer for the rock bands 'Bad Company' and 'Free.' She has two sisters including Domino Kirke and Jemima Kirke.

Lola who has a weight of "150 pounds on a great day", first debuted in the 2011's film "Another Happy Day." However,  she had her big break through the 2014's 'Gone Girl.' She is also known for her role of a poster-woman in the Amazon’s most successful original series to-date, 'Mozart in the Jungle.'

Moreover, Lola acted in the movies like 'Mistress America(2015), 'Fallen(2016)', 'Active Adults(2017)' and 'American Made(2017)'. 

But besides just acting, Lola has a deep passion for music as well. Previously in 2016, she released her first debut titled 'EP' that was flanked and produced by her boyfriend, Wyndham along with other four musicians. With the record, she marked her official foray into a professional music career.

Lola is known to the world as an actress on the cusp of stardom. She will be working on Emma Forrest's movie 'Unforgotten' in the year 2018. However, The exact estimation for the actress's net worth has not been revealed yet