Who is Lovely Mimi? All About The Married Woman and Her Husband Who Is Picture Perfect

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Who is Lovely Mimi? All About The Married Woman and Her Husband Who Is Picture Perfect

While social media give access to almost everything these days, some people use these platforms to showcase their talent. However, only a few of them get success in drawing fans, as people admire simply those with echt endowments.

One of such successful social media personalities is a lady named Lovely Mimi. But who is Lovely Mimi, and what differentiates her from others? Stick around to find out!

Who Is Lovely Mimi And What Makes Her Popular?

Lovely Mimi is an Instagram star, who was born on August 20, 1990, in a beautiful country of Southeast Asia called Vietnam. She is a Vietnamese-American whose real name is Myha Luong. She is best known for her Lovely Mimi (@itslovelymimi) - an Instagram account which has 1.6 million followers.

Meanwhile, her secondary Instagram account, Mimi (@mimilovelynails) has surpassed 300k followers in March 2017 and now has over 360k people following her. Additionally, she is characterized as loud, energetic and challenging to handle.

Mimi is a nail artist, who is one of the most popular nail techs in the US, as popular as Galina Sadovenko, who is also better known by her Instagram account, Galina S. (@yagala) with 1.5 million followers following the account. They both are known for their special nail arts, which add value to the beauty of the women.

Mimi's journey wasn't easy though, as she faced a high-school dropout and passed through several difficulties to be a nail tech. Currently, she owns two salons; one in Georgia and one in Maryland and releases Instagram videos featuring her different impressions and personalities.

Moreover, she has recently joined a reality television series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL) Season 6, which commenced on March 6. Her husband Remy Skinner and children Jay Skinner (9 years old) and Juice Skinner (3 years old) have also made their appearances on the show.

More Info On Mimi's Life You Need To Know:

Myha Luong married Remy Skinner seven years ago, which was confirmed through her Instagram post in March.


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While the couple doesn't disclose their affairs and marriage details, they are serious about their future work plans. Myha is all set to begin visiting celebrities' house for providing them home services after the show, and her husband wants to get back to the studio to make music.

They also share two children: Jayy and Juice, and they are even training them to be future Instagram superstars like their parents.

The children also have a joint Instagram account in the name of juicenjayy. We regularly see several media posts from juicenjayy, one of which was the family picture holidaying on a beach.


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Well, Myha wasn't the same as she looks now, she has completely transformed from a mysterious, nameless woman to a well-known artist today. She has even gone through a plastic surgery of her butt, which was indeed her life-long wish.

Recently, she made an unusual post, where we witnessed a complete different Myha before she underwent through any artificial makeovers.


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Stay with us to keep up with this Instagram star and her family!